WP Social Bookmarking, OnlineRel.com, Network Solutions and Bringing the Sexy Back to My Bookmarks

Photoxpress 1296364 WP Social Bookmarking, OnlineRel.com, Network Solutions and Bringing the Sexy Back to My Bookmarks

It’s after 3am. I’m at my desk. Not cuddled up next to hubby, or Damian who’s invading our bed again. No, I’m at my desk. If you came across my tweets yesterday, then ya’ know I had a shitty day where I was screwed a couple of times.

First, I woke up to find that my post, Sexy Bookmarks Broke My RSS Feed, was posted on onlinerel.com, with no credit to me besides a link back at the end of the post.

Well V, you got a link back, that’s good, right? Nope, it’s bloody useless. If they’d posted part of the post and then added a link back to read the rest, that would have been good. But they post the whole post, so what’s the point of using the link?

Does it matter? Well, yes, it does if you’re trying to gain traffic and get higher in Google Search Rankings. Since onlinerel.com has more pages indexed than my blog, they ranked for the #1 spot when googling “sexy bookmarks broke rss feed”. They ranked number 1 for my post that they didn’t give me credit for.

Now, according to onlinerel.com, I gave them permission to do this. Know what? They’re right. Since Sexy Bookmarks wasn’t working for me, I installed WP Social Bookmarking. This plugin lists publishing to onlinerel.com.

Stupid me, didn’t even think about it when I activated the plugin. Why? How the heck was I suppose to know my post would be used in this way? That these guys at onlinerel.com would be unfair enough to post my entire post and not give me credit and take my page ranking with it. Talk about sneaky. Since I never thought this could be possible by my own hand, my first thoughts were, these assholes stole my copyright protected post! Shit, shit, shit. So I decided to install a copyright plugin that would keep someone from copying my posts.(Of course, they didn’t steal it, they just got permission in a really sneaky way to post it without giving me credit. As of right now, after a really awful email exchange with them, they’ve removed my post from their website.)

Did it work? I have no bloody clue because I couldn’t install the plugin. On to the second reason my day was shitty.

Secondly, my day was shitty because I couldn’t install any bloody plugin. I kept receiving errors from WP stating that the directory could not be created. This is a server issue. I believe it to be a permissions/server issue. So I called up Network Solutions. These are the guys that host my blog. The first tech support rep gave me the support I’ve always expected from Network Solutions. He knew what I was talking about and he’d have the problem fixed in 20 minutes.

An hour went by. I still couldn’t install a bloody plugin. Called up Network Solutions again. The 2nd tech support rep was a woman who didn’t know jack, who told me that I need to purchase ftp service to be able to access the server and install my plugins. WTF?

Me: Excuse me mam, I’ve installed 12 plugins so far in the past week. Without FTP. Also, I don’t need bloody FTP. The point of using WP with Network Solutions, which by the way offers a WP package, is that I don’t need to bloody see the server. I don’t need to touch it in anyway. The beauty of WP is that I can install from within the application and WP will write to the server. Again, I don’t need FTP service.

She then tells me that this issue is beyond their scope of support and I’ll need to wait on a callback from an engineer. When can I expect the callback? In 1 to 2 working days. WTF!

Me: Excuse me , not only do I use Network Solutions for my blog hosting, but for years I’ve been suggesting it to clients, setting up websites on it for clients, speaking well of it to clients, without even being a part of your affiliate program. You’re now telling me, that when I’m working on a client’s website and if it goes down, I’m going to have to tell my client that they have to wait two business days before I can get it back up again? I plan to start work on a redesign of a NS hosted website next week for a returning client, how can I rely on Network Solutions?

Her response? Okay mam, we’ll try to get you a call back maybe today.

Well V, What did you expect for $5 a month. I expected the same bloody great service that I always got from a company that I’m very loyal to. I expected better from a company, that in the past, has delivered results time and time again.

So what did I do? What any other blogger with a twitter account would do, I griped about it on twitter. Yes, twitter is good for more than telling people that you’re feeling constipated or your ex-hubby can’t get it up.

In no time at all, I received a response on twitter from Network Solutions. An offer of help. Great! I went to their portal as directed and left a comment on the issues I’m experiencing. Then I tweeted throughout the day about Network Solutions and their competition West Host, who by the way was offering to move my blog for free and give me a $100 for every client I refer. I haven’t accepted West Host’s offer, yet. I’d like to give Network Solutions the chance to handle this situation. Frankly, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the whole company on one bloody, uninformed, inexperienced tech support rep who’s obviously still in training.

I finally did get a callback and guess what, all is well! NOT! I got the call back at 5:30pm (a half hour after tweeting about my disappointment in Network Solutions) when I was almost 2 miles away from my desk. Hopefully in about 4 or 5 hours, when they call me back, we can get this issue resolved.

So why am I up at 3:45am? Because the marketer in me feels the need to have an option on my blog for readers to share my posts. What have I done about it? Especially since I can’t install any new social bookmarking plugins at the moment. I re-activated the Sexy Bookmarks plugin (thankfully I hadn’t deleted it) and I removed all the extra blank lines, after the php end tag, from the php files.

And now I can end my post knowing that, I’ve given you an honest play by play about my shitty day and intercourse, (hehe, didn’t I mentioned I was screwed today?) with onlinerel.com and Network Solutions and you’ll be able to retweet it, facebook it, stubleupon it, yes I know I’m not using the right terms (it’s almost 4am, who gives a flying fish) and all the other great options in my Sexy Bookmarks line up.

And since I went through the hell of fixing this thing and because I shared my experience so others can benefit, when I could have been cuddling with my favorite men, I’d really appreciate a retweet, a facebook link share (that’s what it’s called right?), a stumbleupon like or anyone of those nifty options in the line up.

Damn, this was one long post.

photocredit: .shock via photoxpress

8 Responses to WP Social Bookmarking, OnlineRel.com, Network Solutions and Bringing the Sexy Back to My Bookmarks

  • Diane says:

    I tweeted your headache! don’t give up and if all else fails, it seems like that other group is willing to play ball. Good luck and I hope you have a better day today! i hope you got some sleep in there somewhere!

  • Steve says:

    Sent your Network Solutions fail to Facebook… Hope they finally follow through. I have found that any support calls after 4pm & before 8am go to dummy techs in Manilla. If you want USA support, only call daytime, and even then, it’s only a 60% chance you get USA techs.

    Fight the fight girl.


  • Minivan Mama says:

    You know what? All your hard work and headaches are going to pay off. Just wait and see!

  • Chrissy says:

    Heehee she said intercourse.

    OK so seriously, these kind of situations make me nuts especially because Im one of those terrier dogs who do NOT let go of things I bite into…you can drag me across the kitchen floor like a dust mop and I aint letting go brotha. But yeah what Steve said…don’t give me some kid who has less knowledge than my own, do not insult my intelligence. Its unfortunate that we usually end up fixing the issue without tech supports help. But Im glad to hear they contacted you etc.

    I have actually made myself go to bed like I would a partner who wasn’t sleeping (“The world will not fall apart Christal Anne in the six hours it takes you to sleep. Go to bed”) in these situations. Without us, none of it works.

    • Vanita says:

      lady, what are you psychic? how did ya’ know I’s end up fixing it myself? :-D
      I know, my reply is a day late and a dollar short. I’ve just been so damn tired.

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