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Weight Loss For Women

weight loss battle Weight Loss For WomenWomen are no strangers to the weight loss battle.

Sometimes I wonder if our bodies were made to gain weight.

So many aspects of our life can bring us to gain weight.

Puberty. Heartbreaks. Work stress. Loneliness. Hormonal imbalance. Menopause. Motherhood.

Finding time to work out and take care of yourself can be a struggle.

Thirteen years ago when I was 23, I was the proud mama to two toddlers when I found myself weighing in at 180lbs.

It took me TWO YEARS to lose 25lbs.

In 2006 I got remarried and by 2012, I was once again the proud mama of two toddlers and weighing in at 200lbs.

I’ve tried so many things to lose weight.

Have you ever tried alli? Nastiest diet EVER.

Atkins was OK, but I was cheating by the 2nd week.

Let’s not talk about South Beach, ok? Blah.

Green tea diets I could only stand for so long.

And who the hell has time for the gym? And maybe it’s paranoia, but I swear EVERYONE is watching me and snickering at me in the gym.

I can not tell you how much money I wasted on diets.

I can not tell you how embarrassed I once was to leave my home in anything but a huge hoody and big track pants.

I went to my doctor and her response was “You should exercise”.

That was it.

I felt alone in my battle.

As a woman this was eating at my self worth. I didn’t want to go out with hubby. I didn’t want other people to see me. I didn’t want hubby to see me naked.

As a mother I forced myself to go to school events and never looked at another soul. I didn’t want to see how they perceived me. I didn’t want to see their looks of disgust.

I was overweight, unhealthy and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without my knees giving out and loss of breath.
But the key word there is WAS.

A fellow blogging mom turned me on to Retrofit.

In 8 weeks I lost 14lbs.

When I was younger it took me TWO YEARS to lose 25lbs.

But with the support, experience and professional expertise of my Retrofit Coaches, I lost 14lbs in two months!


I didn’t even have to leave home.

My weight loss journey with Retrofit


With diets, you regain weight.

Instead, what I’m doing is learning long term weight loss habits to help me change my lifestyle.

I’m making choices based on sustainability. Learning new habits that I’ll be able to keep, that don’t feel like work.

meplayingkickball Weight Loss For WomenI’ve learned exactly what exercises I can do based on the calculations (my weight, my height, my age, my physical well being, my hear rate) my exercise coach and I work on.


See the person in the black jacket on the far right of this picture? That’s me, playing kickball in the park with my kids, something I never dreamed I’d ever be able to do again.


I’ve learned food choices and proportions based on the cultural food we make at home, the take out we buy and what my goals are. I’m still eating all my favorites and not feeling guilty at all because I’M IN CONTROL.

I’m learning how to cope with my issues not eat through them or starve through them.

The list goes on.

So now, I’m spreading the message that THERE IS HOPE and here is where you can learn about how this weight loss program / healthy lifestyle change is working for me.

You can learn more about Retrofit here.

At the time of this writing, Retrofit has a money back trial period and if you’ve given your all and haven’t reached your goals in the year, you get another year for free.

You can take the quiz here.

You can redeem a $50/month discount on any of their 3 already affordable plans by clicking here. That’s a $600 discount for the year.

Update: May 26th, 2012. I’ve lost 13lbs with Retrofit!

Update: June 28th, 2012. I’ve lost 17lbs so far with Retrofit!

Update July 26th, 2012. I’ve lost 20lbs!

Disclosure: I am a proud affiliate of Retrofit because I’ve experienced the results and all info above and my posts are based on my results, my experience and my opinions. Please see my Disclosure Statement for more info. Using my links does not raise the price of the membership, instead it provides you with a $50/month discount.

photo credit: © Andrey Kiselev – Fotolia.com

Check out my weight loss journey

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