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The Twitter Refresher You Must Watch

Twitter has always been my first social media love.

I’ve actually made some great bloggy friends there and picked up several clients.

Imagine the shame I felt when I watched this video:

Yes, I feel ashamed.

I’ve been too busy for any social media platform lately. I just can’t seem to schedule it into my day.

And my day requires that when I schedule, I prioritize that which is most important.

Sadly, engaging via Social Media has been on the bottom of the list a lot lately.

I do find time to share posts.

And yes, many of my shares are me auto tweeting from my fav blogs’ feeds.

But there’s a reason I set that up.

So I could spend more time socializing and less time manually sharing.

But not it seems that all i do is share.

So I figured I had to start somewhere and signed in to Twitter.

Signed in with the intention to find twitter buddies who were tweeting and just bullshit with them.

What did i find in my feed?

Quotes, Sponsored Tweets and Shares.


Seems my buddies are doing what I do.


This needs to change.


I like twitter.

I also like using it to find great posts to read.

But it’s not meant to be a live RSS feed.

So everyday I’m jumping on for a half hour.

Have you been ignoring your social media buddies?

I’ve loved to know which platform and why.

16 Responses to The Twitter Refresher You Must Watch

  • You know what I find fascinating with a capital F? I have 2 Twitter accounts- one for each blog. The people I’m following with Artchoo are very much just sharing links and quotes and sponsored tweets. My Craftwhack followees for the most part are fun and funny and engaging and tweeting a big mix of stuff.
    Jeanette from Artchoo recently posted..Artist Spotlight: Joseph CornellMy Profile

  • Alison says:

    I try to balance tweeting of posts/ links with starting and carrying on with conversations, with varying success of engagement.

    And once a month, I tweet a lot of links because of Memories Captured. I know, eek.

    I find the same happening on Twitter, yes. So now I engage much more on Facebook.
    Alison recently posted..Sons And DaughtersMy Profile

  • Vidya Sury says:

    Vanita, I also have feeds set up. What I do, though, is also subscribe to the blog to get posts in my reader/email. I read. And comment. When I can’t comment, I tag them on twitter and respond to the post. This also goes to my facebook page..so.

    But I am with you when you say social media is overwhelming – in terms of time management.

    Hugs, Sis.
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Take A Break. Now.My Profile

    • vanitacyril says:

      it’s a big bloody time suck girl. i mean, even IF i went to the bar daily, I’d go to THE bar, not several bars. having to keep up with several SM platforms makes me want to pull my hair out.

  • Kimberly says:

    I use twitter to engage with other people. I use my blog…although I’m so far behind because of my issues. I put my fav blogs in my email (you’re included) and then the others go into my google reader. I don’t like them cluttering up my email.
    Kimberly recently posted..Purpose In ChaosMy Profile

  • I’ve been trying to make sure I socialize on twitter more.
    Amanda Jillian recently posted..Beauty in StrengthMy Profile

  • JanBierens says:

    What Scott is saying here is you get back what you put in it, I guess. Darnedest things is it working, but s.l.o.w. We’re only human, when we wnat something we want it now! Nothing wrong with that.
    Quality contents on your blog, quality Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, whatever. It takes up a lot of time to get on all those platforms an do your thing and forget to socialize…
    I make that same error. Twitter is in my opinion still #1. In the long run…
    JanBierens recently posted..Cookies on your Computer – I Just Added OneMy Profile

    • vanitacyril says:

      i do miss twitter Jan. I had great convos there. I try to dedicate an hour everyday to SM platforms, but really, that’s only enough to respond and share. especially since there’s so many damn platforms.

  • Mayura says:

    Hi Van,

    When it comes to Twitter, I’d love to hang out with my friends mostly than checking out what’s their latest posts :) Unlike other social platforms, Twitter is just a matter of tweet. Well, we all have plans and busy, but wouldn’t mind a small talk ;)

    Mayura recently posted..Why Link or URL Preview Not Working on Facebook?My Profile

    • vanitacyril says:

      actually since twitter, i no longer use a google reader Mayura. lol. i find awesome posts there all the time and i like that option. i just miss being able to BS with friends. going to have to come up with a word around

  • Ann says:

    Interesting! I definitely enjoy Twitter more when I am interacting with people!
    Ann recently posted..Meet the HillsMy Profile

    • vanitacyril says:

      It can be a lot of fun. i know many hate tweetchats but i like those too! habit left over from texting i guess. haha. you only get 160 characters per message. :-D

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