The Smart Way To Promote Your Blog With Commentluv

So you’ve bought Commentluv Premium and you’re just not seeing the benefits from the social media features.

Or maybe you’re thinking of buying Commentluv premium and want to know how your blog can benefit from the social media features.

Or maybe you want to know why the Premium version is better than the free version.

Well this video’s for you bud!

0 The Smart Way To Promote Your Blog With Commentluv

I’m sure after watching this video, if you don’t have Commentluv Premium and you’ve got plans to up your blog’s game, buying it is going on your Must Buy list for 2013.

Well here’s an inside scoop…

Commentluv Premium has 3 license options available but really only two are worth looking at.

The Single site license (for one blog) is $67 and the Developer license (for many blogs) is $99.

As an existing Commentluv member I have lifetime updates. (Got my hands on the pro version of Reply Me for free).

But as of 2013 that incentive is only available to existing members. New members will have to pay $25 every six months for the updates. The plugin will continue to work (as long as a WordPress update doesn’t break it).

Now don’t get all pissy if you don’t already own the plugin. I find the updates cost fair. I’ve seen many improvements and additions to this plugin during the time that I’ve own it, and I’m not referring to bug fixes.

Andy keeps improving the plugin in a way that helps the members improve their blog’s exposure. But time is money and maintenance of such a program can be expensive.

I for one can relate. I set the pricing of TheStrategicMama’s WP + SEO Training at $65 for lifetime access before I realized the need to self host the videos instead of hosting on Youtube. At the moment, I’m struggling with the big picture. Because self hosting videos? Not cheap. There’s storage space and bandwidth expenses to deal with. But I wanted to offer students the best possible interface.

So I get where Andy’s coming from with the choice to charge new members for updates. He keeps improving the plugin and that is expensive.

That being said, grabbing the plugin now, before the new year is THE SMART SHOPPER WAY to get lifetime updates for free.

Now every link in this post to Commentluv is my affiliate link. Use my link to make your purchase before December 31st and email me your receipt to vanita@ this blog’s url and I will hook you up with a FREE Blog Structure Blueprint, retail priced $100, that will help kick your blog into gear for 2013!

And that’s all folks!

If you have any Qs about the video, please share in the comments section.

And please do a sistah a solid and share this post with your social media network!


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