Organize Your Blog for Better Business Part 2

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Have you read Part One to this post? Please do. It’s important that you grab paper and pen before moving into anything Technical.

Let’s get Technical WordPress Users

So I was pretty bad about categories back in the beginning. I must have had about 50 of them. Several months ago, I decided to narrow it down and move some posts into the main categories I wanted to keep. Guess what happened?

I screwed up my urls.

If you change the category of a post, the url of the post changes. For instance. If after posting this post I decide I don’t want it listed under Blogging, but instead listed under Social Media, this post’s url will change from…


Now this isn’t such a big deal when the post is fresh, but when you decide to go back and change categories after the post url has changed, after the post url has been submitted to search engine, well then you have problems.

There will be broken links to your post across the web, wherever you’ve left an excerpt and a link to your post, where ever you left a comment at a blog that using CommentLuv, your link will be broken. Visitors will go to an error page and you’ll loose backlinks that help rank your site in the search engines.

Redirecting your posts urls

Now, for WordPress users, there is a fix. A free plugin in available named Redirection (By John Godley). You can easily use this to redirect the old post url to the new post url in seconds.

But what if you’ve screwed up the URLs of 50 posts.

Well, you’ll still be using that damn Redirection plugin and redirecting each one manually.

But never fear, I’m here so you can learn from my mistakes.

Not screwing up your posts’ urls in the first place

So we’ve established that a tidy Navigation Menu is important.

We’ve established what are main topics and subtopics are gonna be.

Only way I can explain this is by sharing with you what I did.

Picture 134 150x150 Organize Your Blog for Better Business Part 2

In my menu, you’ll find a tab called Blog Promotion Tips. Click on the tab and you’ll find a post page with a bit about my Blog Promotion Tips (Main topic) posts and then a few lists of  posts from my subtopics, Basics, SEO, Social Media. Those lists are self updating. Every time I write a new post that falls under one of those categories, that list will update. This is a great way to list subtopics under Main topics without screwing up your post’s url. (click on the thumbnail for a better view)


Picture 154 150x150 Organize Your Blog for Better Business Part 2


Also no need to manually add the links. Check out the free List category posts plugin by By Fernando Briano. Easy to follow instructions and quick to implement steps. The backend of my Blog Promotion Tips page looks like this. (click on the thumbnail for a better view)



Adding your subtopics to your menu

Picture 142 300x109 Organize Your Blog for Better Business Part 2When you hover over my Blog Promotion Tips tab, you’ll see the sub menu drop down. Everything listed in the drop down menu is listed on the Blog Promotion Tips Page. Easy navigation. And if you originally named those categories wonky, no worries, when you go to Appearance > Menus in the WP admin area, and you add those categories to the menu, you can change the ‘label” to anything you want. (click on the thumbnail for a better view)


 So why have a topics page listed first?

Now you could do what i did many months ago, and just add a category (main topic) to the Nav Menu and then add the sub topics as sub menu elements underneath, but when someone clicks on the category in the nav menu they’ll just be presented with a list of posts. Not organized.

Also? Maybe more importantly, once that topics page is indexed by the search engine, all the posts linked to that page will be indexed too. Good for SEO.

SideNote: For those who’ve signed up for my WordPress + SEO tips newsletter, you can expect a future email on how to get those pages indexed by Google quickly. Good for SEO.

So why have a submenu?

Easy Navigation.


Going Forward

If you do decide to run with my suggestion above, be sure, going forward, that you categorize your posts correctly based on what’s in your sub menu so they’ll show up in the correct lists on your topics page and in the correct sub menus.


Blogger blogs

OK, don’t hate me, just love what you see WordPress can do. Here’s the deal, I don’t see an option to categorize posts in Blogger. I also don’t see a sub menu option or a widget for self updating lists. All I can say, for the sake of organization, easy navigation and SEO, create a topics page and update it regularly. Manually.

I know, some can’t move to WordPress because you’ve found it’s not in your budget. But, what if I said you could get 6 months of hosting for $19? Or hosting at $3.50 per month? Check out Selby Media.


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