Network Solutions Non Support, Me screwing up my blog

If you’ve been coming across my tweets or if you read my last post, you know I’ve been having issues with Network Solutions, the guys that host my WordPress blog. It’s a very simple issue, I can’t install plugins. I basically lost permission to do so. Network Solutions, after being harassed by me via twitter, has been on the case.

Here’s how they’re keeping me in the loop.

1. I have a no-name non support twitter NS person who replies to my twitter rants,

2. I received a tech call from a real tech named Rick who knew what he was talking about and reinforced my faith in NS again, (stupid me was so happy and excited, I forgot to disclose a bit of info that I later wanted to, but had no direct way of contacting the tech, i did ask no-name non support NS twitter person to have the tech call me back, but it didn’t happen),

3. I received an email today:

Dear Vanita,
Thank you for contacting Network Solutions Technical Support Department.
We wanted to provide you with an update on your Service Request. Unfortunately, it has taken longer than anticipated to resolve your request. We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to work to resolve our issue as quickly as possible.  As soon as we have resolved our issue we will notify you by email.
Thank you for your patience while we work to address this issue and we regret the inconvenience you are experiencing
If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us by calling 1.866.391.4357.  If calling from outside the U.S. or Canada, please call 1.570.708.8788.  Please refer to Service Request 1-492367487 when contacting us.
Technical Support Department
Network Solutions, LLC

I’ve got to admit, I got pretty nasty with the no-name non support NS twitter person and accused them of using me as a guinea pig. I felt since it’s a permissions problem, if you can’t fix it, just move me to another server and i’ll start from scratch. I mean, damnit, it’s been 4 days. Don’t waste my time tring to fix the problem so you’ll know how to deal with the problem in the future. no-name non support NS twitter person replied by telling me I was not being used as a guinea pig. And that was all.

Then I got the stupid automated email above.

I got so pissed off, that the little thing I forgot to tell the tech, popped into my head again. Here it is: I lost permissions shortly after I installed some WP security plugins. So I said to heck with it and ran some tests myself a half hour ago. I’ve found the culprit. I installed it Sunday night but never configured it because Monday morning I was too busy with my article showing up on onlinerel.

What shows me up as a real dummy is, if I’d just checked out the Settings, I would have learned this:


If like me you install plugins without reading the instructions and browsing the source first, please be warned that once activated and a security module is also activated, you can easily lock YOURSELF out of your /wp-admin/ folder . . .

Here’s my Q, why didn’t Network Solutions catch this? True I was the idiot that caused the mess, but why didn’t the pros catch it? Maybe if there was more communication (instead of automated responses or a non-technical tweeter), if there was a way for me to have open communication with the tech instead of waiting for emails that I can’t respond to, maybe we would have fixed this days ago. Ten minutes after I spoke to him, I sent no-name NS twitter person a message asking to have the tech call me back because I have info he may need. No response, no call back, that was two days ago. So here’s the info, Rick:

The culprit:
AskApache Password Protect

I’ve deactivated it and was able to install plugins and reactivated it and I’m now unable to install plugins. I’m definite about this being the problem. See Vanita may be a mom blogger who pays $5 a month for hosting, but Vanita was also a imaging hardware and software support specialist for almost ten years. Troubleshoot was my middle name. If we’d had open communication, this would have been resolved days ago and I would have been tweeting how wonderful NS is and what a dummy I am and warning others not to use the plugin without paying attention to the settings.

So am I staying with Network Solutions? I’m not sure. This whole situation pretty much sucked. As a support specialist, I’m use to people breaking shit and asking me to fix it. It was my job.

As for my blog, I know I caused the mess, but shouldn’t Network Solution’s tech support, the people that are supposed to be supporting me, have caught this? I think they would have, if only there was a way where we could communicate with eat other rather than them communicating AT me.

6 Responses to Network Solutions Non Support, Me screwing up my blog

  • Eve says:

    You are so right! They totally should have caught it. I would move. I host with Go Daddy and I love them. They have great customer service and will work with you over the phone, via email, chat or whatever. I bought my domain name from and I couldn’t get my site to show up when I started hosting with Go Daddy and after one 10 minute call with John from Go Daddy customer service, I was up and running! I highly recommend them. I also pay $4.99 for hosting and they rock. I’m gushing now, but seriously I think they’re great! Good luck with your hosting….love the new site by the way!

    • Vanita says:

      I’ll look into GoDaddy along with ANHosting. Thanks so much Eve. Know what’s funny? I just call NS to tell them to close the service ticket because I found the problem. They must not be liking me right now.

  • Chrissy says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the idea that “You only paid $XXX what do you expect” is a major major pet peeve of mine. I expect what I contract with you to be done. I had a school try to put me on academic probation for causing a ruckus with all the students in my class once over them using this logic “You only paid this much for your tuition, what do you expect?” What do I expect, you ask? With all due respect Sir or Madame, I EXPECT what YOU contracted with me to have in class and on the syllabusss you side illogical dunce. If I fail my end of the deal, I have no deal, or account. The same should be true of the vendor side. If YOUR company under estimated the amount you should be charging me that is NOT My concern—that is YOUR concern. Now I will write it in a letter to the local paper in the editorial section and I will open my big fat pen wielding mouth and write letter to all you administrators saying the same. Yeah they had champagne when I graduated.

    The fact that you had to do their work for them guarantees that if I hear people discussing Network Solutions I will say “OMG do I have a story for you. This woman I know? Vanita? had…..” Have they forgotten about word of mouth….or screen?

    Hold my super big mouth cape for a second?

    Im so glad you are a super genius and got it straightened out.

    • Vanita says:

      OMG, I feel I’ve sent you off with the wrong conclusions. Network Solutions support was amazing and commuted with me on every turn, at every level, keeping the lines of communication open to help and support me as fast as possible. NOT! But to be fair, they NEVER did say to me “what’cha expected for $5″. Actually it was hubby that said that to me. :-D Actually they haven’t forgotten about “word of screen”. This is why no-name non support NS person was trying to keep me happy. They know the power of a blogger. As a matter fact, I think I’ll write a little post to end the saga . . .

  • Kate Hearity says:

    Thanks for talking with me today, Vanita! Please know that we are reviewing this scenario thoroughly so that we can better support you and your clients moving forward. We do appreciate your time and feedback as well as your business.

    Kate Hearity
    Executive Office
    Network Solutions

    • Vanita says:

      Kate I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me and for working on making the changes necessary to return the level of support that I once admired in Network Solutions.

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