Network Solutions Heard This Blogger ROAR

As ya’ll know, when I found Network Solution’s support was coming up short I decided to go public with my experience via twitter and my blog. They heard me. They definitely recognize word of mouth (or screen as fellow blogger Chrissy puts it). True, the contact I received wasn’t the best – a no-name non support NS tweeter, a service call from a tech with no means to contact him directly, and really vague updates by email, which I couldn’t respond to. But they HEARD me, through the power of blogging and tweeting, they HEARD me.

Shortly after my most recent post yesterday about “fixing” my issues myself, I received a call from their Executive Support Office. I also received a follow up email that went like this:

. . . Once again, please accept my most sincere apologies for any difficulties you may have experienced.  As we discussed, I am conducting a full investigation of your recent experience to ensure that we can better support you and your clients in the future. . .

. . .  For all other inquiries, as a Network Solutions Customer, you are entitled to unlimited access, day or night, to technically skilled Customer Service Representatives who are dedicated to delivering any level of support you may need. To reach us, call . . .

During that call I was able to express that the one-way communication was what screwed it all up. It’s not that the tech didn’t know what they were doing, it’s that they didn’t work with me to get the job done. But, in all fairness, I wanted to reiterate, my past experiences with Network Solutions was really darn good, which is why when I decided to move to WordPress I went straight to them.  I didn’t even ask around about hosting the moment I learned they had a blogging package.

It’s good to know I’m being heard. Sad that I had to go to such measures, but NS is trying and it’s good to know that me not accepting what I found to be sub par service may bring about some changes.

Being a blogger is good, and scary. We have the ability to affect the outcome of so many things and create changes within corporations, communities and the lives of anyone who’ll listen to us. All it takes is one voice and a couple of outraged readers. icon biggrin Network Solutions Heard This Blogger ROAR

Yep, scary.

As of tomorrow, we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled programming. Blogging after bedtime about life in general, blogging tips and a few other ideas I’ve got cooking. I’ve come to realize that as much as I blog about the teens, I haven’t blogged much about the babies and there’s a lot of experiences to share there too.

Good night ya’ll.

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