The Ultimate WHY and HOW-TO Move From Blogger To WordPress

If you’re still on the fence about moving your blog…

…I’m about to share with you

  • Blogs That Disappear
  • Moving Fears and Doubts – Google Friend Connect and Facebook Like Button
  • Financial Investment -Domain, Hosting, Design
  • How to move to from Blogger to WordPress Self Hosted
  • How to move from to WordPress Self Hosted
  • How To Move Your RSS Feed, Networked Blogs and a few other gadgets
  • Wrapping Up the Move
  • How To Configure Your WordPress Menu

Blogs That Disappear

Fotolia 11471626 Subscription XLsmall The Ultimate WHY and HOW TO Move From Blogger To WordPressMy blogging friend Lisa over at recently had one of her blogs disappear. Seems has some fine print about affiliate links.

Before I moved this blog from Blogger to self hosted, it disappeared twice. Not intentionally either. Google didn’t take it down, the posts and design just went missing. I had to rebuild those blogs. Luckily after the first incident I backed up every time I added a new post. My posts were important to me. The comments made were important to me. All the coding I added to the sidebar were bloody important to me.

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t isolated incidents.

Just Google Blog has been removed and check out what’s happening in the google forums.

In one discussion, posted Fed 27th 2012, a response is given to the blogger to check out This (old) post basically explains about spammers copying your content and you paying for it:

Blogger finds a typical splog, extracts the content – which may include content stolen from your blog – and adds the content to their database. Then they look for more blogs like the one just detected. Along with finding other blogs from the spammer, they are going to find your blog. And they will label your blog as a splog – and there is another false positive.

“False Positive”. Reminds me of a faulty pregnancy test. So even though you did nothing wrong at all and someone stole YOUR post, totally disregarding your copyright stamp, you have to pay the price too? is no better. Here’s a response many receive even when they are complying with

This blog has been deactivated because we believe it does not comply with the Terms of Service or advertising policy.

If your blog is designed to promote affiliate links, get rich quick programs, banner ads, consists solely or mostly of duplicate or automatically generated material, or is part of a search engine marketing campaign, is not the place for you. Please use the Export feature to move your content to a more appropriate hosting service.

Occasionally we make mistakes. If you believe we have misclassified your blog, please click here to contact us as soon as possible so we can fix the problem.

“Occasionally we make mistakes” Would a warning via email hurt? Many bloggers put their heart into their posts.

It’s all a load of crap and I’m glad I left it behind.

Moving Fears and Doubts

Look my blogging friend, I know you have doubts about leaving your free platform.

It could be due to the community you built via GFC or to the number of FB likes you have for your Blog (not your fanpage).

It could be due to the financial investment or it could be due to the fear of the learning curve.

But weigh those fears against losing your blog completely.

Even if you’ve backed up your posts, you’ve lost your free domain name. You’ll have to rebuild your community and social media around a new blog url. And if you bought your domain name, lucky you, you’ll have to point it to another free platform that has similar policies, where you could possibly lose your blog again. Or you could point it to a self hosted blog now and have control in your own hands.

Let me be frank about these fears.

Google Friend Connect and Facebook

If you have an active GFC following, where people have done more than just added themselves to your site for an add in return, then no worries, send out a newsletter or put up a new post and ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed or even better to subscribe by email. If you’re worried about losing your GFC count for advertising purposes, I tell you now, having a subscriber list makes you look much more appealing to advertisers. And hello? There’s always Google +. Hell, I’ve got more contacts there then I ever did with GFC.

Screen Shot 2012 03 04 at 3.54.13 PM The Ultimate WHY and HOW TO Move From Blogger To WordPressIf you’ve configured a Facebook Like Button for your blog (not the same as the fanpage like) AND your blog domain name is still or then you will never ever be able to change your domain name without losing those likes. Seriously. Forget having your own domain name. Ever. You can stop reading right now, or…

If you’re engaged with those who have liked your blog or blog via the FB Like Button, you could ask them to like the new domain name. You could place that request in your sidebar or at the bottom of your posts.

If you already had your own domain name when you configured that FB Like Button, then no worries. You’ll keep all your followers.

Financial Investment

Yes, having a self hosted blog does cost money.

Your 3 biggest expenses when starting out?

  1. A Domain Name
  2. Hosting.
  3. Theme.

But it can be done on a budget.

Domain names run for around $10. Even cheaper if you don’t mind having a .net url.

Screen Shot 2012 02 25 at 8.37.13 PM 279x300 The Ultimate WHY and HOW TO Move From Blogger To WordPressAs for a theme, yes, you can go with a free theme from the WordPress Theme Directory available from your WordPress dashboard.

WooThemes also offers a few freebies.

For those who’d like something a little prettier or fancier but still easy to use, I’ve got you covered!

With my fellow mom bloggers (on a budget) in mind, I have several free WordPress Blog Themes. They take 10 minutes to install and configure when you follow the video tutorial I’ve created.


How to move from a free blog to a self hosted blog

Here’s how to move from your free platform to your self hosted platform.

Blogger to

Be sure to buy your domain name 2 weeks before moving your blog. This gives Blogger the time it needs to redirect visitors from your old domain to the new domain. You can also check out this how-to on Directing your new domain to your Blogger blog. Once it’s auto directing, (or if you already have your own domain name)

It’s not about just transferring posts and pictures.

Here’s a checklist of what needs to be done:

  1. posts, pages and comments exported to a test wordpress self hosted site
  2. revert blogger custom domain to blogspot domain
  3. point custom domain to new self hosting
  4. install wordpress
  5. set permalink correctly
  6. import posts
  7. fix internal broken links
  8. redirect feedburner feed
  9. install and configure necessary plugins for optimal search engine indexing
  10. create files needed for optimal search engine indexing and upload to server
  11. upload webmaster tools verification
  12. submit site to Google for Indexing

If you find it daunting, I offer the Blog Moving service too


How to Migrate The Extras From Blogger to WordPress

Fotolia 27976624 Subscription XLsmall The Ultimate WHY and HOW TO Move From Blogger To WordPress

Your RSS Feed

If you haven’t already tried feedburner, get your butt over there now! Seriously. Actually, wait until your new domain url is working. Then, get ya’ butt over there.


  • tracks how many subscribers you have
  • provides analytical tools about your audience
  • offers a publicizing tool to ping services and email newsletters to your subscribers
  • offers the FeedMedic (under Troubleshootize) displaying issues with your feed.


1) Sign into using your google account info, the same info you use for Blogger sign in.

2) Follow the instructions on screen. Note: I suggest entering your blog’s name into the feed address box. Once you choose a feed address, you can’t change it without loosing existing subscribers.

3) You’re done.

What’s that? You already have a feedburner account? Burned your url feed with it? *Shoos away your concerns with a flick of the wrist* No problem. Unless, of course, you want to change the feed address because it’s really really different from your blog name.

Pros of keeping your feed address as is

You’ll maintain your subscribers and traffic info.

When your feed is viewed in a feed reader, the name of the feed will be whatever you specify the website/blog name to be in WordPress (Dashboard>Setting>General: Site Title).

The chances of someone actually paying attention to the feed address are slim if you add a RSS Feed Subscribe button/icon.

Cons of keeping your feed address as is

It won’t match your url exactly. Oh! Wait! It still won’t. Feedburner rss feed address are”sitename”.

If you decide to keep your feed address and have it now obtain the feed from your new domain name’s url:

1) Sign into your existing feedburner account.

2) Click on your active feed.

3) On your top left, under your feed name, click on Edit Feed Details.

4) Change the original feed name to your new domain name’s url. DO NOT CHANGE THE FEED ADDRESS. You’ll lose all your subscribers. It even says so on the page.

5) Click Save Feed Details. Within 24 hours your feed will continue to update. May even happen right away. Post a test post, it can always be deleted.

If you decide to change your feed address

(because you don’t mind emailing your subscribers about the new feed address, which is also a good way to reconnect)

1) Follow steps 1 to 3 above.

2) Change the original feed name to your new domain name’s url.

3) Change the feed address by entering a name in the box (

5) Click Save Feed Details. Within 24 hours your feed will continue to update. May even happen right away. Post a test post, it can always be deleted.

Side Note: You can go to Feed Validator and enter your feed address to see if it’s working. If there are issues, there will be error reporting. If the errors confuse the heck out of you, email me your feed address, it’s cool, I’ll take a look.

GFC, Networked Blogs, Facebook Like Box, theblogfrog Widget, Grab My Button Badge and Widgets in General.

Widgets are accessed through your WordPress dashboard via Appearance > Widget. There’s a column for Available Widgets where you’ll grab your widgets from and then drag and drop to the sidebar you want it to be visible in.

These are the five major widgets I see on almost every blog. Once you’ve changed your url and feed address, it’s time to update these.

Google Friend Connect

If you’ve gotten this far in this post, then just kiss it goodbye and use the tactics I mentioned earlier.

Picture 7 300x233 The Ultimate WHY and HOW TO Move From Blogger To WordPressNetworked Blogs

1) Sign in to Facebook and then head over to :

2) Click Profile.

3) Scroll down to the bog labeled Blogs I Write and click on your blog name. From the new window, there’s a number of things you can edit.

4) Click Edit Details.

5) Change the URL address and the Feed URL address. Click Save and you’ll be redirected to the setting page. Under the Information section, is a Blog Fees section with your recent posts. There’s a teeny tiny link that says Pull Now. Wait a few minutes and click that link. You should receive a confirmation that it was successful. If you get an error message, confirm the feed address is correct and then wait a few more minutes and try again.

6) Click Widget, click install widget. A new code is generated.

7) Copy the old code you have in Blogger and save to a text document, in the event something goes screwy, cause nothing associated with Google free apps is perfect.

8) Replace the old code with the new code.

Facebook Like Box

If you’ve configured your blog to have readers like your website instead of you fanpage, please note you’ll lose all these Likes. Check out this post:

If you still want to make the move, if you’re okay with asking these peeps who liked your or domain to like the new one:

1) Change your URL on your info page.

2)Generate a new like box with that URL.

the blogfrog community

1) Sign into your blogfrog account

2) Right hand corner, click Edit Profile. Enter your new URL.

3) Go to the Widgets page and create a new widget. I’m not sure how important your new url is to the widget, but better safe than sorry and updating your profile to include your new URL is always important.

Grab My Button Badge

If you don’t have a button, The Little Hen House has an excellent tutorial.

I also have a tutorial for you on adding the button badge with the code side by side.

If you do have a button, look through the html code and change your old url to the new url.

Your Other Widgets

Copy all the text from your other widgets and paste into a text doc. Head over to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and start loading the copied info into new text widgets. You’ll also find standard widgets for comments, recent posts and a bunch of other dohickies depending on your theme.

How To Configure Your WordPress Menu

Creating posts and pages in any of these platforms are too similar for me to bother walking you through. However, there’s one question I’ve been asked a few times by new wordpress self hosted blog owners. How do you add your pages to the Menu bar. Here’s a quick video to show you how.

And that’s it friends.


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