Motherhood in All it’s Glory

IMG 20120420 222550 MotherhoodHave I told you I’m a mom of 4? Two teens and two toddlers. These kids? They are brilliant and loving and huge pains in the butt. Making my work schedule work around them is so not easy but I still feel privileged to be able to provide for them while being home with them. I remember those days when the teens were growing up and I barely saw them for an hour in the morning and 3 at night. It wasn’t easy. Thankfully they’re not all grown up yet and I’m around to help them with this monster called puberty. The toddlers are a handful, one year apart, and big BIG trouble. But when I hear I love you, I say “what trouble?” Love is BLIND.

My family is pretty big and life is pretty short. I’m spending my days doing what I’m passionate about while still enjoying the beauty that is motherhood. Ya’ know, when it is beautiful (like those days when hubby does the cooking, the laundry’s out for drop off service, the tub is sparkling from the sweat of someone other than me, and the toddlers have done #2 in the potty).
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