Klout – Bitchin or Something To Bitch About?

Now ya’ll know me, I don’t usually write about trending topics, but I’ve got Klout on the brain, so I figured, what the hell, I’ll share too.

Klout on the Brain

Fotolia 16377673 Subscription XL 300x200 Klout   Bitchin or Something To Bitch About?In the past 3 days I’ve read 3 posts about Klout, an article about Klout’s new enhancements/improvements and I’ve spent a bit of time on my Klout Dashboard.

I’m a big fan of Liz Strauss, her writing is impeccable and I’ve learned quite a bit from her. So, 3 days ago, when I read Liz’ personal Klout Story, I started thinking do I even care anymore about my Klout score? Is it worth keeping it? Hell, do I have time to care? I’ve been so damn busy. Also, you may or may not know this, I had some of the same issues with Klout that Liz had. I also had no topics for months which kept me from being hired for a gig. (Again, thankful for Twylah and My Trending Tweets that helped me to land another temporary gig). Eventually, a couple of months ago, Klout straightened it out. Which was cool, but by this point, I didn’t care either way.

Liz’s post reminded me of a post John Paul wrote about a month ago about your Klout score not defining You.  How exact is the score? How well does it really portray our social media use? I can not tweet for days and my score will raise and I can tweet all day long and it won’t. Hell, it sometimes drops.

Two days ago, I came across Tibbett’s post on boycotting Klout. I get what he’s saying but I disagree with his point or should I say his allusion to Klout being on a mission to effect people in a financial way, like their ability or inability to get a job.

Remember, I lost out on a gig because my Klout topics weren’t available, but it was the employer who chose to judge my ability to do the job based on my Klout score.

It’s up to businesses, employers, your hairdresser, to decide if and how they’re going to use you Klout score to judge you, not up to Klout. Klout is a business like any other, they’re looking to make money.

Yesterday morning I read Mark’s post Klout rants are becoming a cottage industry .  I totally agree with Mark’s viewpoint on the whole Klout privacy thing. I mean hell, I pay Verizon for their service and they use the info they collect about me from what movies I watch on demand and premium channels I’m subscribed to, to my payment history to try and sell me more services. And Facebook? Ha! How private are those secret groups when in the right sidebar there are ads rotating that relate to something I said last week? LOL.

Everyone collects info on you. Klout is just a bit more transparent about what they’re doing with it.

My experience with Klout

As I mentioned above, I’ve had issues with Klout.

And in light of what I’ve been reading lately, I’ve had Klout on the brain, so I’ve also been spending a bit of extra time on my Klout dashboard lately.

As I mentioned to a fellow blogger a few days ago, Klout feels more like a game these days.

If I give +K to enough peeps, I get +K

I get +K for visiting my dashboard.

I get +K from friends giving me +K

I get +K for surfing profiles

etc, etc, etc.

And? AND? LOL. I can use my +K to buy topics for my topics list. LOL. Shhh. I bought me a new topic for the hell of it: Klout. LOL

One good/not so good thing I did notice was you can suggest topics for other profiles. Good, cause there are topics others have influenced me on that aren’t listed on their dashboard, bad cause I can suggest topics like Raccoons and Bacon and Vibrators.

But one thing about this game, there’s real prizes and some are pretty tasty. I accepted a perk this morning for Wahooly and i swear it’s the best perk they’ve ever offered me.

So considering my experiences above, should I be bitching about Klout, especially since I lost a gig, or should I say Klout’s Bitchin! because though they’re selling my info, as many others already do, they’re offering me stuff in return.

What do you say?

By the way, I’d appreciate a tweet, it’s good for my Klout icon wink Klout   Bitchin or Something To Bitch About?

And? I;ve got CommentLuv for ya’. Leave a comment, get a backlink. Hey, just asking for a piece of your mind, not your soul. Muhahahaha

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21 Responses to Klout – Bitchin or Something To Bitch About?

  • Patti says:

    I love/hate Klout too, but I think it is mostly because I’m new to it and have yet to fully figure it out! One of my toppice is duct tape for goodness sakes!! Have I ever freaking tweeted or talked to anyone about duct tape? I think not! I just do not get it! Oh well!!

  • Angel says:

    I can’t even begin to understand what algorithm is used to determine my Klout score, but I can say that it’s not used to define me. If I were shopping for funding or employment and it was a factor, I think I might be a bit more concerned, but I just can’t worry about it. Like, I’ve tried, but I can’t. I don’t even know what my Klout score is right now. That being said, I appreciate the Perks, +k’s and such, though, like I told you the other day, I’m not really sure of the etiquette that goes along with it…or that I care much about that, either.
    Angel recently posted..My “War” HeroMy Profile

  • vanita says:

    Angel ur at 56 darlin. Saw it this morning. Noticed it this morning. And that’s way better than mine. I’m thinking ill just keep using social media as it suits my schedule and my needs and whatever good comes from it from whatever scoring system is monitoring it, well that’s cool. But I wont let it influence me on how often I use social media or stress about how little I use social media. It is what it is
    vanita recently posted..10 To-Dos Bloggers Should Focus On For Search Engine RankingMy Profile

  • John Paul says:

    Thank U for including my post in yours Vanita :)

    I think people are starting to realize more and more that Klout has quickly lost credibility fast.
    John Paul recently posted..Follow Friday Top 10 Week 27My Profile

    • Vanita says:

      Hey John! Thanks for stopping by!
      It would be great if businesses would come to realize that, not just us who are being “scored”. It’s those businesses that work with Klout that keeps Klout in the black. Who’s to say PeerIndex or even TweetLevel isn’t sharing our interests. I can’t see anyone or any company putting such effort into a program without benefitting somehow. I sure as hell know when I use a Hubspot Grader I’m offered to join a paid service. (i do like that they’re offering it themselves and hopefully not sharing my info, though some of the info is incorrect)
      Eh, I’ll keep doing what I do when I can do, and if it floats a perk my way, that’s fine. I feel by using my real name and promoting myself I kinda lose some of my privacy anyway. Having businesses know what I tweet about is small scale to me.
      Vanita recently posted..10 To-Dos Bloggers Should Focus On For Search Engine RankingMy Profile

      • John Paul says:

        Yea once you start sharing you.. you quickly lose some privacy. But thats ok.. people need to know who you are and what your doing.. so they can reach out to you.

        All these sites measure a small portion of what determines how influential you are.

        They are not checking how many people visit your site because of what you say,, they are not measuring how many sales you make or how many people buy your services from what you say

        These are the only things I need to look at to see if I am influencing people to take action.

        Besides that .. you gives a shit if you klout is high or low.. are you making money?

        thats what matters.. high klout score wont pay the bills lol
        John Paul recently posted..Follow Friday Top 10 Week 27My Profile

  • Sonia says:

    What were people doing to measure their own methods of measurement before Klout even came on the scene? Once they hit the scene, all of a sudden this website is credible? To me it’s just another website out there trying to tap into the Social Media circuit and they made a bad move.

    I say let’s just go back to the basics and do what we were already doing before we even heard of Klout. Klout is over-rated anyway. Great post girl!
    Sonia recently posted..How To Track, Analyze and Peek On Your Visitors In Real TimeMy Profile

  • Jan B says:

    Klout… Oh yeah, another one I’m using. It’s almost magic how the ranking system works. About 1 1/2 months ago Klout decided to alter their algorithm for calculating ‘popularity’ and about 80% of the users saw a drop in their ‘scores’. An out-roar followed and now slowly everything is returning to ‘normal’.
    A good Klout score will help the users in gaining more exposure and credibility, but what’s the point if you don’t own a bushiness. Then there are the Perks one can earn and some of them are fun to get, but most of them are sponsored by companies and could be seen as commercial offers.
    I have yet to see a resume with a Klout score mentioned in it. ;)
    Jan B recently posted..Awesome Dad, Yeah Right.My Profile

    • Vanita says:

      ha! you haven’t seen my linkedin profile. I actually did list my klout score a few months back and it did bring me two gigs. when the algorithm changes hit, it didn’t affect me. my score stayed steady for weeks until i got too busy to socially hang. that’s when it started dropping slowly. its all good. w/e. my focus has changed and i’m not so worried anymore about what potential clients think of my klout score.

  • Kimberly says:

    I loathe it.
    I didn’t understand when I was getting all these notifications about getting K+…then I signed up.
    I still don’t understand it.
    And I don’t have the time nor do I care to learn about it.
    The fact that you lost out on a gig makes me hate it even more. Like seriously. Since when did we allow computers to dictate what we’re influential about?
    Kimberly recently posted..I’m The Lazy Make-up ArtistMy Profile

  • Tracy says:

    Klout confuses me. I haven’t had the time to delve in deeply, especially where privacy is concerned but I am surprised by how much info it has on my friends who don’t use it. Like my husband, for one.

    But I’ve read countless blog posts and articles lately condemning it so I wasn’t so sure if I should stick with it or not. Your articles helped to organize some of my thoughts on it, so thanks :) I think I will stick with it for now.
    Tracy recently posted..Holiday Fitness Challenge – UpdateMy Profile

  • Mark W Schaefer says:

    Crazy you lost a job opportunity over Klout but not the first time I have heard of this. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

    • Vanita says:

      Mark thanks so much for dropping by. I’m honored. I kinda feel like I should have straightened up a bit first ;) It was actually your post that cinched it for me and I had to write a “klout post”. I’m doubting it put me in Breakstone’s league and I’d be happy just knowing I’m not the Fiber One version. (cottage…cottage cheese…cheesy overall, (me not you) sorry couldn’t help myself.
      Vanita recently posted..Why Bloggers Are Getting Their Asses Kicked By Niche MarketersMy Profile

  • Great post! I just wrote about Klout last month. Not a big fan since recent press and the data mishaps. It could be a great way to gain exposure but think their tactics seem off. Here’s the post I wrote about it. http://bepositivemom.com/2011/11/keeping-up-with-klout-or-not.html
    Steph from Be Positive Mom recently posted..Are You Winding Down or Speeding Up?My Profile

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