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Every strong building from the 3 story brick down the block to Trump Towers is built on a strong foundation according to blueprints that were designed by pros with every aspect of the building’s success and longevity in mind.

Shouldn’t your blog be built the same way?

For years I’ve been supplying small business clients with a blueprint for their website.

This is a report explaining how their specific site’s hierarchy should be structured. It looks at every keyword the business wants to rank for and outlines how to structure their blog to make that happen.

I’ve created a Blogger’s Version of the Blueprint for my fellow bloggers.

This Blueprint is for you…

If you run your blog as a business and need search engine traffic


If you want to better your alexa and search engine rankings to impress sponsors

Sounds like you?

Then grab a Blog Structure Blueprint, specifically tailored to Your Blog to make Your Blog really kick ass in the search engine results.

Here’s what’s outlined in this BluePrint.

  1. How your homepage should be structured (not talking about design here).
  2. How your two most important internal pages should be structured (no i’m not referring to your About Me and Disclosure pages).
  3. What keywords to use for all three pages.
  4. The meta title, meta description and permalink for each page for optimal search engine ranking.
  5. Six Keyword Phrases along with the meta title, meta description and permalink for 6 posts for optimal search engine ranking, based on keyword research and competition analysis.
  6. A list of elements your blog is missing (if applicable) for optimal blog seo.

This Blueprint is built in an easy to follow format to ensure even the least technical can rock their blog and gain an advantage over their competition!

The blueprint takes – on average – 4 business days to compile and costs $100.

Structure of each additional page (beyond the homepage and two internal pages) is $20/per page and includes 3 [post] keyword phrases along with the meta title, meta description and permalink for 3 posts for optimal search engine ranking, based on keyword research and competition analysis. .

Keep in mind that I do not write the page copy or posts for you. You don’t need me to. You’re a blogger, you can rock this!

p.s. if you’re a google luv course student who’s rocking the class videos, this report is not needed.

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