How To: WordPress 101

“How To” WordPress?

wordpress theme design How To: WordPress 101

Know how to write an email? Or how to use Microsoft Word? Blogging in WordPress is just as easy.

If you’re a Newbie, there are WP101 links to get you started lower on this page.

Yes, there’s a bit of a learning curve, but many have done it and so can you!

And yes, it requires a bit more attention than using a free platform. You need to backup your site, update plugins, etc. But all these can be done via a click or two.

And there’s so much free support for WP, you won’t have to worry about being left helpless.

I should also mention you need to pay for hosting. But with hosting plans starting at $3.50/month or 6 months for $19, isn’t it worth it to keep your posts safe after investing so much time in writing and promoting them?


What is WordPress?

WP has to be the most versatile blogging and website platform available today.

It’s also cost effective and seo friendly.

The themes can be custom designed or you can purchase templates. there are also many free options available.

I suggest Yoast’s SEO plugin for search engine optimization. It allows you to add a title and description specifically for search engines to entice readers to click on your links and it allows you to add meta keywords. The plugin also offers a host of indexing settings and a safe check that will tell you if your post is over optimized or under optimized.

The great thing about WP is ease of use. I usually tell clients that the interface is as easy as using Microsoft Word.

Plus, when you’re self hosted, your posts, are yours. Don’t think because you own a domain on a free blogging platform that your posts are safe. Violate one rule, or be a victim of a violation and you can “mistakenly” or purposely lose your blog. Copyright-wise, yes the posts are yours, but if the actual posts are sitting on a free server, they belong to that host and can be taken down at anytime.

There are many free and low cost plugins to add extra functionality to your site for reasons such as seo, speed and design. Advertising too! And if you self host, you can advertise all you want, where as being on a free platform you could be violating that service’s policies.

So how do you use WordPress?

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While you’re here learning more about WordPress…

If you’re planning to move to WP check out my Design page and my Gallery of Blog Makeovers. If you have any Qs, feel free to contact me for a free consultation via email.

I also offer free themes here. And info on how to install those themes on this page with video!

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