Here’s Where My Mind’s At

Photoxpress 1135143 300x202 Heres Where My Minds AtSo I’m pretty sure that when I hit the almighty PUBLISH button and my trusty plugin pushes this post out into the twitter and fb universe, no one, NO ONE, will give a rats ass enough to come see where my head is at.

And ya’ know what? That’s ok. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure, that because of this post, I’m gonna lose what readers I have left. Well, except the dedicated few who know me. The rest? They’re gonna be Gone with the Wind Baby. Guess why. Cause I’m about to open my big fat mouth and take the bloody mask off.

I’m a good mom. I know that. I’m an experienced mom. Boy, do I know that shyt too. I’m also a bloody tech savvy genius. That, my friends, is worth A LOT.  I’ve been trying to “fit” into this “niche” of mom bloggers because I’m a MoM and a Blogger, but the fact is, dude, I’m tired of second guessing every bloody thing I write. Really. I’m tired of second guessing everything I endorse. Vetoing things I wanna endorse cause it wouldn’t fit my “niche”.  Screw it. Here’s the deal. I’m a mom, yes. But, HELL-freaking-O that’s not all there is to me. I love connecting with other moms, but Moms aren’t all about just being Moms. Moms are sexy, talkative, techy, artsy, shopaholics, music lovers and so much more. Also? I love chatting up dads too. So why am I constraining myself with this niche thing?And yes, I know we went through this shit before, but I’m not censoring this time, so, just get with it and keep reading.

I’m going to write what I want.

I’m going to endorse who I want.

I’m going to do things the way I want.

Why? Cause ain’t nobody else paying my GoDaddy bill. (Can I get an AMEN?)

Also? Did I mention, I’m a bloody tech savvy genius? I got the answers to your technical social media needs. Just ask.

Going forward?

I’m going to be posting How-To Videos.

How-To videos, that You, my fellow bloggers, can benefit from.

I’m also going to post my editorial thoughts on Social Media as it comes across my plate. Not as it “happens”, cause frankly, I’m a mom and too bloody busy for that. But chances are, so are you, so hell, we’re good to go.

And to top it off, I’m gonna gripe about my teens, cause really? seriously? they are pains in my ass. Big Pains In My Ass.

And another Bonus, I’m gonna endorse WHO I Want and What I want.

Now, this may seem like a stupid post to some.

But, the fact is, there are so many of us, who try to compact ourselves into this niche, in hopes of doing something cool and profitable, that we screw ourselves over.

I figure, why screw myself over something that isn’t me?

So, changes to take effect immediately.

That is all.

One Love



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