My Heart Hurts For You

Dear Blogging Friend,

You have been on my mind for months.

Through the holidays, past the beginning of the new year…

Not your blog, your humor or my need to get your awesome blog off that Blogger crap…

but you, your family, your friends, your town.

Every time I read your words I want to cry.

I’m so choked up with the sorrow of it all, that I can not even comment.

Can not give you words of support or sympathy, because really, what can I say?

And though I know not one soul there, though I watched it on the news and learned to detach myself after the first few horrifying weeks, learned to walk out of the room every time that massacre was mentioned, I could not avoid it on your blog.

I’m sorry to say I am grateful that you have always published occasionally.

This is a flaw I have.

I go to funerals because I care for those hurting.

I sit in hospital waiting rooms for the same reason.

But I never say a word.

All I’ve ever been able to do is offer a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

And girlfriend, though we’ve never met face-to-face, this is what I wanted to do for you, but I couldn’t.

I could not be there for you and I could not find words that could equal the hug I wanted to give you.

So I stay silent.

But, I want you to know girlfriend that I am listening.

I hear your words.

I feel your words.

Even as I write these words I want to cry.

I have no words and I can’t be there to hold your hand, or lend you my shoulder but I can do this…

March FOR CHANGE.ORG poster My Heart Hurts For You
Those who’d like to show their support and help get the word out about March For Change which is happening Feb 14, 2013 in Hartford, CT at 11am feel free to
1) right click and save the poster above to add to your own post


2) pin the poster


3) right click and save this badge for your sidebar

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and link to


What is the March For Change about?

Enactment of SAFER GUN LAWS in the State of CT. Plain and simple. YES, there will be a specific bill to rally around, but the language is forthcoming. We DO know that the bill will address a ban on HIGH CAPACITY AMMUNITION MAGAZINES; it will STRENGTHEN OUR ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN; include UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS on ALL sales and transfers. These are referred to as COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS.

Where do I stand on the subject of guns?

People kill people and not every Tom, Dick and Harry should be allowed to carry a gun.



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