Friday Blogger Follow: Moms Who Flash

As my tweeps know, on #FollowFriday I like recommending bloggers. Those bloggers who I find are just awesome. But 140 characters is not enough to sing the praise those bloggers deserve. So I grabbed a meme from John Paul Aquiar, who happens to be my favorite twitter go-to guy, and I’ve twisted it to fit my own weird needs.

mom blogger pics 196x300 Friday Blogger Follow: Moms Who FlashSo, of course us bloggers, especially the ones I read, have blogging skills. But some of them, ok many of them, not only express themselves through words, but through pictures and i want to share some of my favorites with you.

Coming from 15 years in the photographic imaging industry, I’ve got a critical eye, so when I say these bloggers have an awesome eye and know how to take everyday family pics and make them creative and interesting, you better bloody believe it.

By the way, not all of them use a flash, but i liked the title. icon biggrin Friday Blogger Follow: Moms Who Flash

@AdrianaIris is living the sweet life over at La Dulce Vida and shares it through her wonderful photography and many times great poetry. This woman’s blog speaks to me. When I’ve got too many things rattling around the noggin, i head over to her blog to soak up the beauty and it absolutely clears my mind.

@mommyhoodnxtrt is my girl. she’s just awesome. share a lot of tips for first time moms and is crazy creative when it comes to shooting her 2 beautiful girls. the pics she shares on Mommyhood Next Right just make me jealous.

@AlisonSWLee  i’ve only recently started reading Mama Wants This. To be honest, originally I wondered how the hell was I going to add another blog to read on my list, but I couldn’t avoid this woman. every blog i stop by to comment on, she’s there! sorta like @momgosomething I swear I see her EVERYWHERE. So anyways, out of curiosity I popped over to her blog and I gotta tell you, I’m loving her self portraits and pictures of her son. She’s armed with Instagram and she KNOWS how to use it.

@MooninaCup my girl Amanda’s new blog Moon in A Cup is a must visit. She’s wicked creative if not magically so and since i’ve always loved her way of making her family pics on her personal blog so much more interesting and creative than i ever could I’m just so glad she’s started this one specifically for her photography.

And that’s all peeps.

Have a great weekend and go show these bloggers some love.

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