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It will be 3 years soon.

Three years that I’ve spent babying this blog as if it were a houseplant.

A very high maintenance houseplant.

Mind you, I don’t have any plants, because anything I have to care for beyond the kids, hubby, the home, the business and the parakeets, well, it wouldn’t make it.

But I have had plants. Plants that I’ve nurtured and grown from seeds.

That I took pride in caring for.

That I watched bloom into something beautiful. And then I’d get another plant. Something I found lovelier, that was a better match for my life, that needed my care and the first plant would get neglected.

And then life will get super busy and the 2nd plant will get neglected.

And then I’d start to resent both plants because they start to die and getting them back on track to healthy would just be too time consuming.

This is what has happened to both this blog and The Strategic Mama.

And at this point in life, one blog has to go to save the other.

And it will have to be this one.

Why Does It Have To Be This Blog?

The one of the two with the better alexa and all the lovely backlinks and the sizeable amount of G+ peeps and an actual sum of FB fans? The blog that actually made me a few thousand in affiliate sales for two years?

Why keep the one that’s barely known and has the alexa of 800k?

I’m not deleting it.

You just won’t find me here, I’ll be over at The Strategic Mama aka TSM.

It’s like keeping the pot but not planting anything new in it.

It’s a good pot, I don’t want to throw it away, I just don’t want to be here.

Outgrowing The Blog

Have you noticed I’m no longer the “after bedtime blogger”?

This blog morphed as it grew.

And so have I.

My having new goals, wanting other things…

Feeling constrained by what this blog was suppose to be…

Conflicted by what it is and frustrated by how really unorganized it is…

And always feeling guilty about not blogging here.

It happens to many of us.

I’ve moved several blogs the past two months because their owners had outgrown them.

I’ve outgrown this one.

 The Process Has Begun

I’ll be hiring Alison of Little Love Media on a Social Media Strategy for TSM – cause gawd knows nobody knows about The Strategic Mama blog and Alison is kick ass and a total pro when it comes to building your presence across social media.

Kate/Sew Gaelic will be making me custom TSM swag to give away to clients – t-shirts and totes. Check out the custom logo t-shirt Kate made for RealMomma.com.

I started the move a few months ago when I moved the Google Luv Course to The Strategic Mama’s WP + SEO Training Blog..

Sidenote: the WP training library is a resource of how-to videos for those moving to wordpress or already on WP and feeling frustrated from it. I mean WP can be intimidating, so, The WP Video Library Membership is $1/year. Know how to use WP but never heard of BulletProof? Yep, this library is for you.

I’ve moved over the seo posts and if you find them in Google Search they will redirect to TSM.

I will be moving over my WordPress posts. I’m not moving everything. I don’t want this blog to die completely, I just don’t want to feel obligated to it. And guilty over it.

I want to drop by when I’ve got a PSA or I want to rant about FB or my kids.

I want to empty my head here.

When I feel like it.

Ya know?

and i know i know, the gurus say blog regularly so people will come by on schedule.

so why the hell do i auto tweet from this blog and have a rss feed?

I’m not chained, right?

So there you have it.

If you’d like to be notified of this blog’s new posts sign up here.

If you’d like my latest posts on seo and wordpress, sign up here.

Don’t be a stranger! Drop by and visit me at The Strategic Mama.

Check out the free seo webinar I did with sverve.

And Jason Fonceca and I are on the verge of launching a pretty hot ebook – Complete Game Changer!

Keep an eye out!

And that’s all for Today folks. I’m not gone and I better not be forgotten!

Photo By: Mikkel Zibrandtsen

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