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Blog Exposure

We all want it.

OK, most of us want it.

OK, well I sure as hell want it. Don’t you? I’d like to know. Be sure to mention in the comments. Cause really, I’d like to one day sound smart and say to somebody that X% of my fellow bloggers don’t give a flying fish about exposure.

Do I want exposure for ego stroking purposes?


OK, maybe a teeny tiny bit.

But the fact is, I love my blog. I love the opportunity it gives me to share, relate, inspire and help. But without exposure, who am I sharing with, relating to, inspiring or helping?

Have you read my recent post, Basic Blog Post SEO Tips? If not, be sure to head on over when you’re done reading here. We went over how to gain exposure to your posts by making your posts SEO for search engines. Guess what? Having a SEO blog or post isn’t your only option for blog exposure.

This morning ( it’s 2:33am) because, well, you know, I’m bloody awesome, I’d like to share with you one of the resources I utilize to gain exposure for my  blog and how to do it right. How to do it right? Yes, cause there is a wrong way, a really sucky way.

Niche Networking Sites

Fotolia 17063291 Subscription s Exposing Your BlogNo, this isn’t about Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

And yes I know, I said I was breaking out of the niche mentality, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to network at sites with others who share my interests. Karaoke lovers go to karaoke bars, book loves have book clubs, badminton enthusiasts go to tournaments, these are opportunities to hang with liked minded individuals.

I’m a woman, who has kids and blogs.

These are networking sites of women who have kids and blog. Here I find bloggers who can relate to the juggling act and publish articles that I can learn from as a blogger and as a mom.

Now don’t get me wrong, I follow awesome bloggers who aren’t moms and some aren’t even woman.

If you’re interested in a niche networking site that’s not mom specific, there’s a wiki list of several “well known niche sites” or you can google the specific niche you’re looking for. My new favorite non-mom site right now is BlogCatalog. They list themselves as a blog directory, but I feel the site is so much more. They have the same aspects described below.

Fotolia 25253144 Subscription s Exposing Your BlogThe right way to Network on Networking Sites

Networking site? This is where you network my lovely peeps.

The niche networking sites I’m a member of are portals to meet other bloggers like me. So I visit their walls, check out their posts and if I’m interested I head over to their blog. (If I like an article, I at least comment, retweet, or like on facebook. I’ll dig around and read a few more posts and if I like the author I’ll sign up via newsletter or rss or follow via twitter or GFC)

My favorite aspect of these networking sites is the homepage. You’ll find recent posts and hot discussions. These sites have forums where I can throw out my question and bloggers who can relate or who have experienced my dilemma will comment.

Now that we’ve got the networking part down, how do you utilize these sites to gain exposure?

Once you’ve started networking and visiting other bloggers’ walls, you’ll notice their style of sharing their blog posts. I suggest reading the site’s FAQ too, just to be sure. On the sites I visit, the norm is to either post your whole articles or post an excerpt to your article with a link back to your site. I like the second option for both finding new blogs to follow and bringing bloggers home to take a look around my site.

These are the right ways to utilize these sites. What’s the wrong way? The sucky way? These sites are not where you connect to people for the soul reason to spam their inbox or their walls. These sites are not to just add your post and leave.

It’s not fair to fellow members and you’re losing out on a great resource.

And there you have it people. Another way to gain exposure to your blog. Do I bring the awesomeness or what? If you’ve joined niche networking sites not listed above (and are hopefully utilizing), please share them in the comments section.

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By the way, I got these great images from Fotolia.com. I’ll be using Fotolia for all my posts for the next 4 weeks as I review their site on the basis of user friendliness, quality of images, selection size and cost. At the end of my free one month subscription, you can expect the full review and I’ll be giving away three free 2 week subscriptions compliments of the lovely Fotolia people.

25 Responses to Exposing Your Blog

  • Matty says:


    Thanks for the highlight. I can’t say that I’ve been to specific networking sites. When I want to find blogs in a specific niche such as baseball, I go to the blogs for baseball that I already follow, and then visit the other baseball blogs that they follow. The same with blogs by men. If I check out the blogs they follow, many of them are other guys as well. It seems to be exponential…….for each blog you already follow, they are following like minded blogs and so on and so on. It seems there is never ending supply of blogs in your niche of choice. But I’ll be checking out BlogCatalog for sure.

    Matty recently posted..SadlyMy Profile

    • Vanita says:

      Matty, i think every blogger on my awesome bloggers page are bloggers i came across bu other blogs. it definitely is a great way to find other like minded bloggers to share with and relate to.

  • Angel says:

    Thanks so much for the shine. I’ll have you know that, at your instruction, I’ve downloaded that SEO plug-in you saw and started, one by one, to add in the SEO info. for all of my blogs. I’ll also be adding pics to any “pic-less” blogs with the link you gave me. Now, I’m going hunting for some blog networks so that I can get to know more bloggers with similar interest. You truly are a wealth of information. You definitely did BRING IT!!!

    • Vanita says:

      thanks Angel. I’m just happy to help. as soon as i get some down time from the kids, i’m gonna work on the logo you sent me. i love the first one and want to recreate it in illustrator so we have a scalable original. i didn’t forget you!

  • Waning Woman says:

    Informative post! Now what do I have to do to win this free 2 week trial? I already follow you everywhere. No not just social networking sites, I was in the potted plants at NY and Co yesterday. I may or may not be right around the corner from your house. as I type this ;)

  • Fiducia says:

    This is so true…Though we write out of sheer passion and flair for writing, at times, we do feel like it would be nice if more readers are drawn to our blogs…this was a good post…and I agree…my blog is on poetry and registering on poetry sites has only increased the number of people who visit my blog!!

    • Vanita says:

      Fiducia, thanks for stopping by. I love your poetry. I’m always looking for ways to expand my readership, mostly because of the networking opportunities.

  • Chrissy says:

    I thought I posted a comment the other day here? :(

    Ok, maybe I didnt hit submit…ANY way…the topic of photos came up in the past and I really really want to use photos that I can give credit where credit is due. The ones Ive been gleaning, and trusting are free, are often anonymous. As an artists I want to credit people…ugg. SO… Im real interested in what your opinion will be of the photo service.

    Also, you always have a way of keeping me reaching for more, to never be complacent with how the blog is, but rather be always wanting it to grow. Great stuff…
    Chrissy recently posted..WaterMy Profile

    • Vanita says:

      we’re quite the team, aren’t we?
      i’m hoping to write a post tonight so i can utilize fotolia’s site. wanna make sure i go through everthing before presenting to y’all. would u believe they have images available for 14 cents? thats what they say. i’ll find out. in the meantime, try photoxpress, its free, but limited, but gives you the artist name for credit

  • Minivan Mama says:

    You are such a smartie pants! I’m glad you do all the leg work….I can just read your blog and learn all I need to know! Thanks again for the great info and giving me something to think about when it comes to marketing my blog!
    Minivan Mama recently posted..Frightful DiscoveryMy Profile

  • Kathykate says:

    Brainiac, wordpress wizard, and kick-ass mom too! Can’t wait to get some time to read all your posts I’ve missed! What I need to know is between your ears! thx for sharing it!
    Kathykate recently posted..Update on My Zero Tolerance RantMy Profile

  • Kathykate ( says:

    If I had more time in the day, I’d read @VSAfterbedtime blog back to day one. The woman’s brilliant. http://ow.ly/59mFg

  • Vanita ( says:

    Exposing Your Blog http://goo.gl/fb/mkllH

  • I care about blog exposure because there are not many DSer bloggers out there and I would love to reach out to the pre ops who have a million questions and can’t find a single DSer blogger. I was one of those newbies that had a hard time!
    Maria Switched_Scoop recently posted..I Am A Foodie: Maria’s Garlic Butter Roast BeefMy Profile

  • Tracie says:

    The problem I have ALL THE TIME is ALL THE TIME!!! I’m signed up at many networking sites, OK, maybe like 3 or so, but there’s never enough time for me to visit them, let alone provide fresh posts for them also. #Sigh

    However, because that’s just the way my brain works, I do get around to doing things. It seems like ‘eventually’ to everyone else, but to me it’s actually ‘on schedule’.

    Niche Networking…almost check!

    I love reading your posts.
    Tracie recently posted..Snitchin’ On My MalnutritionMy Profile

    • Vanita says:

      Tracie, I suggest choosing at least one network you really like and posting an excerpt to a post from your site with a link leading back to read more. in exchange for promoting your blog on that site, interact with the other members, visit their posts, you’ll find new relationships to build on. you definitely don’t need to create a new post for the networking site. you’re there to share your post from your blog. now don’t run over to a site this second and start loading up excerpts to all your blog posts. that’s spamming. instead check out a networking site that fits your niche and share maybe two posts per day, but make time to visit the other bloggers there, it’s crucial. Thanks for stopping by, I don’t know where u find the time ;)

  • Cathy says:

    Im trying to expose my blog but I dont have a budget for it. Im really a rookie in this aspect, I began blogging last week. So. How do I expose my blog for free?!
    Cathy recently posted..Make it you styleMy Profile

    • Vanita says:

      Cathy! Thanks for stopping by. This website offers free info for my fellow bloggers. 95% of the methods I mention is free. Grab your favorite drink and browse around the site. Once or twice a week I post helpful tips or Do it yourself guides, so following me using one of the options in the sidebar should keep you updated. If you have any Qs, feel free to ask.
      Vanita recently posted..3 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your TrafficMy Profile

  • Don says:

    One other thing you can do is join a Blog Exchange such as http://exposeyourblog.com in order to read and comment on other peoples blogs while others are reading yours! Read a few blogs each day to keep you blog in rotation, and all runs smoothly!

    Don recently posted..An update!My Profile

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