Don’t Just Share Your Posts, Share Your Blog!

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The power of social media is a beautiful thing. It makes finding great writing, do-it-yourself tips, beautiful photography and a host of other topics easy to find. I love my twitter stream and 85% of the time that’s where I find great content to read. Many times in the past few months, I’ve come across posts that I loved and can easily retweet or share on facebook. This is just awesomeness. I like sharing posts. It’s like lending my favorite book to a friend, without having to worry about getting it back.

Now many, many times, I’ll find that I like the author enough to want to come back. The thing is, there’s so much info out there, so much great content to read, if you’re not IN MY FACE, I won’t remember you. Seriously. So how do you Get In My Face? How do you Get In Anyone’s Face?

Blog Sharing

Social Media Icons People. I’m not talking about the retweet, facebook like, dig it or the ultra add this button with 50 social media options listed. Not the ones that are found at the end of your posts. I’m talking about those little icons that tell people how to connect with you via twitter, facebook, etc. Those icons? People, if you don’t have them, bloody install them!

I come across blogs, that I read a few posts of and LOVE, and find no way of connecting with these bloggers. I understand, you’re new to blogging, or you’re too busy, or you haven’t bothered with social media much cause you’re busy with life and blogging is a passion but not a job. I get that. But hello, seriously, I won’t always remember to stop by and would love a reminder. So following you by twitter means I’ll see your newest posts announced in my stream or by facebook, your newest post will be in my feed. A subscribe by RSS means when I’m on the train, I can read you on my android and catch up! Awesomeness! So please, help a fellow blogger out and add those icons.

Shake what ya mama gave you!

Okay, So I’m not exactly talking ’bout your mama per se. But, there are a lot of plugins and widgets available on both the WordPress and Blogger platform to add to your side bar. It takes two minutes to install, maybe 10 minutes to configure depending on the widget. They’re being given away for FREE. All you have to do is give up some real estate.

Social Icons and Theme Consistency

Now, lets go a step further. You’re mama gave you a big bushy uni-brow. It sticks out like, well, a hairy caterpillar above your eyes. It doesn’t go with the rest of your face. Do you have to settle for what mama gave you? Ever heard of tweezers and hot wax?

Sorry went off topic there.

Anyway, you worked hard on making your site’s design look just right. Now you add these social media icons but they don’t “go” with your look. Wouldn’t it be nice to have icons that are consistent with your theme? They need to stand out, yes, but not stick out, ya’ know?

Take a look at these blogs and tell me that the way their icons blend in with their theme isn’t just awesome.

Beautiful Spit Up

Ingenue Mom

The Sits Girls

Hell, look at my sidebar, I think those icons look much better than the ones i had. And honey, loading those babies up was easier than using hot wax and didn’t cost $6. Totally free. And I’ll show you how. Tomorrow. I promise. Ok, no later than Wednesday. Quick tutorial on adding social media icons.

How will you know when it’s ready?

Social Media Icons in my sidebar peeps! There’s even a Follow Me button too.

Every post I write gets posted to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Also, you can add me to your rss feed reader or signup to receive posts in your inbox. Too easy peeps. Too easy.

Hugs to all!


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