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Social Media, fast becoming my one true love, sorry hubby

Why Google Plus is Better For This Blogger

5510809888 094111804e 200x200 Why Google Plus is Better For This Blogger

When I worked in corporate, every other Thursday night was THE night to schedule the sitter, meet up with friends and start winding down from the week.

Occasionally I’d get on the bar hop train.

A few… Continue reading

Ye Old Social Media Pub

3179577476 fa993fac4c 200x200 Ye Old Social Media Pub
3179577476 fa993fac4c 300x199 Ye Old Social Media Pub

By: Mya

Ten years ago, when I was 26, a salaried corporate employee, divorced and raising two kids on my own, I discovered I needed something I never had since the day I got married. Regular time with friends. Time… Continue reading

The Twitter Refresher You Must Watch

Twitter has always been my first social media love.

I’ve actually made some great bloggy friends there and picked up several clients.

Imagine the shame I felt when I watched this video:

0 The Twitter Refresher You Must Watch

Yes, I feel ashamed.

I’ve been too busy… Continue reading

How to Un-Mess Pinterest

6982337675 62d5657ab5 200x200 How to Un Mess Pinterest

Everyone was pinning…

Funny how we can add ING to any word and just know everyone else will know what we’re talking about.



stumbling…as in stumble upon, not tripping over our own feet or our own words which… Continue reading

Linkedin You Dirty Scoundrel

Photoxpress 893714111 200x200 Linkedin You Dirty Scoundrel

ok, so this may sound odd, but i have always taken great pride in my linkedin profile.

ok, it sounds sick.

but true.

Linkedin was my first true taste of social media.

so i’ve kept that profile updated and 100%… Continue reading

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