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How to start your Friday

5510809888 094111804e 200x200 How to start your Friday

It’s Friday.


waaaay after bedtime.

there’s lots to finish before my weekend starts, but damnit, i’m gonna enjoy that it’s Friday.

You better do so too!

Start Here:

My Heart Hurts For You

March FOR CHANGE.ORG poster 200x200 My Heart Hurts For You

Dear Blogging Friend,

You have been on my mind for months.

Through the holidays, past the beginning of the new year…

Not your blog, your humor or my need to get your awesome blog off that Blogger crap…

but you,… Continue reading

What I Did During Sandy Vacation

If you live in NYC, stay home.

It’s crap outside.

I was hopeful when I heard there was a bit of snowing coming.

Damian has been waiting months for snow.

What did I get?



No great pictures of… Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Be Gone

This breaks my heart. And yes, I know there’s a lot more about this hurricane that should be breaking my heart at the moment. But this saddens me. On a personal level. It’s where hubby proposed to me April… Continue reading

The Media’s Calling Hurricane Sandy A She-Witch

8134344371 ab0367bb9a 200x200 The Medias Calling Hurricane Sandy A She Witch

And I gotta wonder, if she’s a witch, wouldn’t she be a she?

I know, I know…Trivial in the face of this:

  • Hazards: damaging winds of long duration.
  • Winds: east 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 75… Continue reading
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