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What You Really Get Out Of Blogging

what you really get out of blogging 200x200 What You Really Get Out Of Blogging

With my 3 year anniversary as a mom blogger on the horizon, I thought it only fitting that I return here, where it all started, (and where I actually have a following) to share with y’all two these words of… Continue reading

Farewell Blog

2637105280 7185e0139e 200x200 Farewell Blog

5966801105 caa7b5e4aa 300x199 Farewell Blog

It will be 3 years soon.

Three years that I’ve spent babying this blog as if it were a houseplant.

A very high maintenance houseplant.

Mind you, I don’t have any plants, because anything I have to care for beyond… Continue reading

Shed Negativity From Your Life (And Your Blog)

vidya 200x200 Shed Negativity From Your Life (And Your Blog)

Yesterday’s post Before You Hire That Blog Designer… received lots of great feedback.

There were also several negative comments from other designers. I didn’t “approve” them.

I looked at these comments that were each in a defensive tone along with… Continue reading

Why I’m Saying NO to Mom Blog Group Giveaways

fotolia 17657428 Subscription XL11 200x200 Why Im Saying NO to Mom Blog Group Giveaways

“Like me” for a kindle!
Now like these other 97 people and their grandmothers…

“Subscribe” to win a $500 amazon gift card!
And then visit each of these 50 blogs, hunt through all the banner ads to find their subscribe… Continue reading

Sacrificing My Blog

broken blog 200x200 Sacrificing My Blog

I’m about to bare my soul to you and tell you things that many Pros would say I shouldn’t.

But there’s something bigger than me going on here.

What do you do when you’re a little blogger stuck between two… Continue reading

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