Why These People Are Not My Bloggy Friends

For most of my life I lived in Brooklyn. More specifically on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, in a neighborhood named Ridgewood. Five years ago, I left Brooklyn to live in the Bronx. Present hubby lived and worked here since he moved to NYC. I was working in Manhattan. I could commute from anywhere. His commute from Brooklyn to the Bronx was almost 2 hours per trip and so he stayed at his old place while I procrastinated about moving. The Bronx actually has some pretty good schools, the further North you go on the east side. So after living all my life in Brooklyn (except for a few stints in other states), I moved to the Bronx. Worst. Mistake. Ever.


OK, not worst. But lord do I miss Brooklyn. Or more specifically, I miss my old neighborhood, my old apartment, my former landlady and most of all, my neighbors.



Need help pulling the shopping cart of groceries up to the third floor? As soon as the thump-thump-thump of me dragging that thing up the stairs started, a neighbor came flying to the rescue.


blogging friends Why These People Are Not My Bloggy FriendsSummer afternoons were spent in the front courtyard, barbequing, kids playing together, parents shooting the shit.


Fourth of July, we’d all drag our lawn chairs up to the roof and watch the fireworks. We had a great view from lower Manhattan to the empire state building.


So many hot summer nights, hanging on the fire escape drinking coronas.


Christmas, cans of caramel popcorn, bottles of wine and toys for the kids were passed around.


Every time something was baked in that building, enough was baked for the six families living there.


Going away for a few days? Need the plants watered, the pets fed, you package signed for?


Heck, one of the neighbors was my sitter. Talk about convenient.


When something criminal happened in the neighborhood, we’d have a building meeting in the hall, on the stairs, and talk about how we can all stay alert and look out for each other. Since I was a single mother, my neighbor across the hall gave me a bat to keep.


When I did move to the Bronx, it was in a rush. My youngest had spotted someone trying to break into our home. The police took her outside to look at people in case the robbers were still around to identify. But to this mother, what they did was parade her around for everyone, including the criminals who were responsible for a rash of robberies n the neighborhood, to see who it was that finally spot the robbers.


Fotolia 14423209 Subscription XXL Why These People Are Not My Bloggy FriendsThen they gave my daughter no protection at all. Wouldn’t even take the time to let her look at mugshots – I had false hopes that they could catch the guy before he caught up with my daughter. I panicked and finally made the move that I was procrastinating on.


With only 30 days left of the school year, I just couldn’t pull my girls out of school. My oldest was graduating from Elementary school that year.


Can you imagine how difficult it was to take the girls from the Bronx every morning to school in Brooklyn and then jump back on the train to go to work in Manhattan, then take my lunch break at 2pm so I could pick them up from school and bring them back to work, then keep ‘em at work until 7pm and then we’d be home by 8:15 to start it all again the next day?


To make my life easier, after a week of this, one of my neighbors – then former neighbors – offered to pick the girls up and bring them, on the train, to the city for me, so i wouldn’t have to make the mad dash at lunch time.


Best neighbors ever. Amazing friends. They were like family for this loner. They were my protection and my support. They were more than neighbors. But just like when you graduate high school, those people who were such a big part of your life, go their separate ways. I miss those guys.


Bloggy Friends as Neighbors


As I’ve said many times, I owe a lot to the blogging community. Especially to the community of mom bloggers who welcomed me in.


Bloggy friends are very much like good neighbors.


Fotolia 40256936 Subscription L Why These People Are Not My Bloggy FriendsNeed a post tweeted? Low on comments? Need technical help? Need tips on anything from cooking to diapering to fixing your blog?


Bloggy Friends are there for you. The relationships we build as being a part of this community of bloggers are as strong as the relationships you build with your neighbors. Especially in the mom blogging community where moms are sharing pictures and stories, triumphs and heartbreaks, about their families.


We relate to each other, we cry and laugh with each other, we help to promote each others blogging dreams.


I’ve been blessed to know many that I can call my bloggy friend.


But there are some that I can’t.


These bloggers are not my bloggy friends

Am I about to push a boundary and call names? Point people out? Yes, yes I am. You bet your ass I am.

These bloggers… (in alphabetical order)

The inspirational, Angel from Fight4YourLifeOnline

The raw and honest writer, Christal from SO Many Ways

The very interesting and quite funny Jan from The Jan Bierens dot com

The hilarious Kate from ReturnToWorkMom

The wicked smart WAH single mom with a heart of gold Maureen from Tatterscoops

The super slick entrepreneur and coaching chic Val from Selby Media

The hurdle jumping inspirational survivor VSGMOM from vsgmom.com

The wicked kickass and funny Waning from WaningWoman

These people are NOT my bloggy friends.  They are bloggers who who blog beautifully, hilariously and/or informatively to bring you great info. We visit each others blogs and share each others posts, but they are not my bloggy friends.

They are my support team, they are my second set of eyes, they are people who will check in on me when i’m sick or when they haven’t heard from me in a bit and some will send me love and cry with me when I’m in pain. They will kick ass for me and allow me to bug them for all kinds of shit and give me an honest opinion along with a better idea when my ideas suck. Some have gone along with my mad cap schemes and some have helped me better my writing. They push me when I think I’m not good enough and praise me to anyone who will listen.

I interviewed for a job this week. If it weren’t for these people, I don’t think I would have shined as well as i did.

These people are my friends.

I am blessed to have them and I dearly hope that you are blessed to have friends like them too.

Dedicated to My Friends

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