Use Your Blogger Voice To Be Inspiring

These people inspired me today. Some actually made me cry. All in all it was a great day.

 Stephen Dimmick

Stephen is a pretty damn wicked makeup artist. He has enhanced the beauty of celebrities and runway models, worked side-by-side with renowned photographers and his skills with a brush has been published in magazines across the world. I won’t lie, being from the same industry (though different divisions) and both of us having a love of color, made me a bit excited. But that’s not why I’m listing Stephen here today. Stephen inspired me today to be ME.

I’m working on a “traffic building for bloggers” ebook that i plan on publishing through Amazon and while I re-read the first few pages, though all the info was correct, something felt off. Something was missing. So I decided to step back for a bit and come back to it refreshed.

Of course I headed over to twitter and through convos with my awesome twitter crew I learned of Stephen. I headed over to his blog, header over to his Youtube Channel and I can honestly say, every video, every single damn video that I watched, inspired me to be me and put me first.

This video below helped me realized what my ebook was missing. It was missing me. Even the tag line was missing me. No where did I find my personality, my voice in the pages that i’d written. Stephen’s video below inspired me to change that.

Stephen’s Youtube videos are inspiring and a good dose of get-off-you-ass-you-can-do-this NOW based on his own experiences. His blog, Daily Dimmick is not about enhancing outer beauty. Stephen talks about inner beauty.

Stephen inspires you to set your inner beauty free.

Check out the video that gave me the kick I needed and then go check the man’s blog. Then come back and thank me. icon wink Use Your Blogger Voice To Be Inspiring

Erin Giles

Erin Giles coaches women to Shine and change their world. I could never give you a better introduction than the one found on Erin’s About Me page. After watching a few of her videos I can honestly say it’s her in a nutshell.

I know the fear of feeling adrift in darkness. I found my path out of the shadows of impossibility. Now I am here as your flashlight. Your support, as you find your way to shining possibility.

I found this video to hit the nail on the head about how our own words affect our lives.

Now that you’ve learned how your words affect your life, I want to share with you how all of our words can affect the lives of so many others. How OUR WORDS can help save millions of lives. I’m asking that each and every blogger share the video below created by Erin. I’m asking that you use your voices to inspire people to help this amazing cause spearheaded by Erin.

A child is trafficked every 30 seconds. – UNICEF

Being a mom of 4, you know this breaks my heart. I remember watching a clip from the film Nefarious I and frankly, I can’t watch the film. It’s not that I don’t care about the pain in the world, I just want to protect my soul. Seriously. The clip broke me.

SO I’m asking you today. Use your blogger voice.

Read the Cold Facts About Modern Day Slavery

Inspire people to help END SEX TRAFFICKING.

Learn more about the End Sex Trafficking Day Event here.

It’s actually Wednesday now. It’s been a long night of sick toddlers. I’ve just made my donation to this great cause to help get the books printed and binded. Not everyone can help financially but I hope my fellow bloggers can help with their voice.

you can start by sharing this tweet:

Let’s be impossible to ignore & send the message, that women & girls are not for sale. GIVE NOW #ESTDay2012 [mytweetlinks]

special thanks to @Dede_Watson and @pretty_back for connecting me with Stephen.

special thanks to Nikki Groom for sharing Erin’s project on her blog.

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