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small steps

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a lifestyle change is definitely a journey

Fotolia 31670559 Subscription XXL small steps…and small steps are definitely what I’m taking.

but it’s the small steps that’s making the journey easier.

i had the realization a few weeks ago that my lifestyle needed to change.

I… Continue reading

You Can Just Shove Your Guest Post

Well, not You, you. Them you. No, I’m not drunk, however my mango juice may be going bad and i’m wondering if, like rotting fruit, it now has some alcohol in it.


The Guest Post Offer You Need… Continue reading

Secrets, Sisterhood and Blogging Selfishly Again

Fotolia 10933965 Subscription L Secrets, Sisterhood and Blogging Selfishly Again

My Dirty Little Secret

Would you believe it if I told you I have 9 websites.

Yes, nine. It was 11, then I added a new one 2 days ago and took down 3 today. Those were three of my… Continue reading

And my heart goes…

Actually I have not the slightest clue how my heart goes…but I will tomorrow AM when I crank this song all the way up and put on my Polar FT4.

Watch out toddlers, momma’s gonna be rockin’ like she did before you came along.

Oh boy am I gonna piss off the lady downstairs, but I can’t wait.



Monitoring My Heart

I can’t tell you how excited I am. I had absolutely no idea this was coming.

When my oldest teen walked in with the RetrofitMe box I was surprised. Continue reading

Are you a Super Mom?

stress management tip for super mom 279x300 Are you a Super Mom?If you said No, no worries, I’ve got an inside secret for you…there is no such bloody thing as a Super Mom.

A super mom implies that a mom can keep her shit together via some superhuman power to get it ALL right without a hair out of place.

Those who SEEM to bee Super Moms…they have help, and that’s great.

Super Busy Frazzled Mom

Those moms who you can tell are obviously not super moms, like me…those that are frazzled, tired and tend to leave the house with two toddlers and two different shoes on…like I have, well, we gotta work hard to keep it together and keep our sanity intact.

If you feel you’re at a loss, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are moms who’ve been in your shoes and moms who are sharing your shoes as I type this.

Luckily there moms across the web who are willing to help you get your act together.

Here are a few posts I’d like to share with you.

Strategies for Leaving the House with Two From MommyhoodNextRight

Great ideas on how to schedule your day and schedule your week from Want What You have. I personally feel you can adapt it to fit your lifestyle whether you’re a WAHM, a SAHM, or a mom who works out of the home.

Planning your meal menu for the week really will keep you from wondering what the heck you’re cooking tonight and will save you money. Check out Simple Mom’s Basic Guide To Menu Planning.

Once A Week Cooking is also a kick ass site that offers great meal planning ideas, kitchen tips and recipes.

And though I’m offering you these online resources, don’t forget your offline resources, such as friends and family. I just finished reading an amazing post from Mommy Niri about her friend Meghan.

And here’s what I want to share with you to help you keep your insanity intact. Think of it as my belated Valentines Day gift to you. Continue reading

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