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Why Bloggers Can’t Ignore Google Plus

googleplus11 200x200 Why Bloggers Cant Ignore Google Plus

Google+ and Search Plus Your World

Yeah I know, who wants one more thing to do? One more obligation?

I totally hear you.

And I know this post may “seem” late in coming, cause well Google Plus has been out a while, but really, new changes to Google are about to change the way you use social media and seo.

And because of it, those who were on the fence about managing another social media platform, better get their asses off the fence and start using Google+.

True, the changes I’m about to share with you are really unfair to Twitter, Facebook and those who put a lot of work into their SEO, but it’s not my job as a blogger to argue about it.

It’s my job as a blogger to use these changes to benefit me and my blog.

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Your WordPress Blog…Living in a danger zone.

Photoxpress 3017075111 200x200 Your WordPress Blog...Living in a danger zone.

Importance of Backing Up Your WordPress Site

A few months back I installed Website Defender which basically scans your site and tells you what changes to make to strengthen your security. I did this. Not sure what I did wrong… Continue reading

“Boot Love” Trumps “Facebook Hate” Anyday

fotolia 2579765 Subscription L11 200x200 Boot Love Trumps Facebook Hate Anyday

Crawling Back To The Ex (Facebook)

Fotolia 13886211 Subscription XL Boot Love Trumps Facebook Hate AnydayOn a personal level, I gotta tell you, I pride myself on cutting strings and not looking back. Yes I’m that cold hearted. No second chances, no extra opportunity for you to use me,… Continue reading

Facebook Humor

Screen Shot 2012 01 09 at 9.02.55 AM11 200x200 Facebook Humor

Facebook Humor via Youtube

This one is my favorite via Scott Stratten, my all time favorite resource for marketing.

Ok. I really couldn’t help myself. All in good fun. I had to add this one. From Dan from Single… Continue reading

Show Me The Love Google+ blog hop

love211 200x200 Show Me The Love Google+ blog hop

Holding hands by homarte 1 Show Me The Love Google+ blog hop

Valentines day is the day of love and friendship so why not celebrate all that love by having a Show ME The Love google+page blog hop….

This hop will run from February 7th-February 14th from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm.… Continue reading

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