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When Your Family Comes 2nd

The WAHM Rant

fotolia 32607840 Subscription XXL copy When Your Family Comes 2ndI keep saying this mantra:


“I’m doing this for the kids”


“I’m doing this so I can spend more time with the kids”


“I’m doing this so I won’t miss any of my kids’ special moments”


“There are bills to be paid. Hubby can’t work 24/7″


“I’m too smart to be sitting in front of the boob-tube eating oreos”


and also, in moments of frustration:


“I am really sucking at working from home”


“Where is that time I promised the kids?”


I hear being a WAHM is awesome. I’ve learned that to get to that awesomeness, there’s a sucky path of disappointments and long hours of work. Not very different from when I had an 8 to 6, put still sucky. Continue reading

Friday Blogger Follow: Divas to the Rescue

fotolia 22429724 Subscription Lslider11 200x200 Friday Blogger Follow: Divas to the Rescue


fotolia 22430006 Subscription XLdiva Friday Blogger Follow: Divas to the RescueAs my tweeps know, on #FollowFriday I like recommending bloggers. Those bloggers who I find are just awesome. But 140 characters is not enough to sing the praise those bloggers deserve.

Women Who Bring The Support

Yeah, I know, I’ve been writing about support a lot lately. Joining Triberr, following Hashtags, and being a part of a blogging community has all been steps I’m taking to support my fellow bloggers and gain support for myself.

I mean seriously, trying to:

  1. chase tots,
  2. decipher teens,
  3. count calories,
  4. spend time with hubby,
  5. listen to my mom complain,
  6. build a new business
  7. cater to clients
  8. clean the house and part-time cook

all during the same time slot, can get pretty overwhelming. And the doubts, the doubts that that is at all possible, too many to count.

But lately, I’ve had support thrown at me, and I want to share with you those Divas (brilliant, supportive, caring women) who’ve given me pick-me-ups through the past 2 weeks. Continue reading

Why I Became A WAHM Through Pictures Reason 1


Early in the day. Way before bedtime to avoid a late night from sugar. Just me and the kids. Just awesome.

My Boy Turns 3

This has to be my favorite

111 01191 Why I Became A WAHM Through Pictures Reason 1

Ok, this one too

111 01101 Why I Became A WAHM Through Pictures Reason 1

Finding Support in Blogging + Social Media

fotolia 17457138 Subscription XXLslide11 300x117 Finding Support in Blogging + Social Media

Blogging + Community

fotolia 17457138 Subscription XXL Finding Support in Blogging + Social MediaToday, I have to thank my blog. Yes, my blog. This blog has connected me to so many wonderful women.

Wonderful women I can relate to, who have given me encouragement and support and made me laugh… Continue reading

Test Driving Triberr

fotolia 30479577 Subscription XL11 300x117 Test Driving Triberr

The Triberr Highway…To More

fotolia 30479577 Subscription XLsm Test Driving TriberrI’ve noticed Triberr has gotten a pretty bad rap lately. I’ve actually been told that it’s a tool for spamming my twitter followers. From what I’ve learned about Triberr so far, I’d say that’s bullshit. True,… Continue reading

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