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The Skinny on WordPress Plugins For Newbies

Photoxpress 8759918111 200x200 The Skinny on Wordpress Plugins For Newbies

Man, The Skinny Scoop is always cooking up something new!
If you haven’t heard of the Skinny Scoop yet, you are totally missing out! They offer a way to make decision making fun! Learn from fellow female bloggers what’s a… Continue reading

Royalty Free Images for Business Blogging – Review & Giveaway

Fotolia 8218039 Subscription XXL Royalty Free Images for Business Blogging   Review & Giveaway

icon biggrin Royalty Free Images for Business Blogging   Review & Giveaway

Isn’t Content King? What The Heck Do I Need Images For?

As bloggers blogging for business – selling services, ad space or working towards Brand partnership – we all need our sites to be visually appealing.

A great theme is a must, but what about your posts and pages?

If you haven’t noticed, my posts are pretty wordy. (I can see Eve from Beautiful Spit Up nodding her head). The use of visual elements, images, videos and polls help to break up my text and give it an appealing look.

A year ago my blog posts didn’t have images other than the ones I took myself (which weren’t good). Sure there are a lot of freebies on the web, but frankly, I didn’t want to try and decipher the legal jargon to use them.

Also? My blog WAS just my blog. It didn’t make me a profit in any way, and I didn’t have intentions to do so, so I didn’t see a reason to invest money in Royalty Free (RF) stock photos. But now that this blog has morphed into something else, being visually appealing is a must.

Images For Your Business Blog

Copyrighted Images Continue reading

But I don’t like putting crap in my eyes . . .

fotolia 2056748 Subscription XL But I dont like putting crap in my eyes . . .I know my vision stinks.

I can’t read the bloody Verizon Fios guide on the TV if I’m 4 feet away. I can’t read street signs from a block away anymore. I can’t read prescription bottles without squinting. And I… Continue reading

Guest Post: Social Media To Reach The Masses

fight4yourlifebutton Guest Post: Social Media To Reach The MassesHey All,  Incredibly another wonderful and talented blogger is sharing her take on Social Media with us today. Angel’s blog Fight4YourLife is where she’s sharing her battle against obesity and she’s offering to help others fight too!

I want to… Continue reading

#Klout: Does having it matter?

What are your thoughts on Klout?  Is it worth the time?

My fellow tweep (endearment) @_DebbieRussell from Social Media Marketing was curious about my answer to that question just this morning. I’ve actually had a few people ask me… Continue reading

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