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Rocking your Gravatar

fotolia 13063131 Subscription s11 200x200 Rocking your Gravatar

Rocking Your Gravatar

fotolia 13063131 Subscription s2 Rocking your GravatarAre you a Blogging Rock Star?

Does your audience know you?

Do your fellow bloggers know you?

Can they pick you out in a sea of comments?

A few months after I started blogging, a fellow blogger and I were chatting on Facebook and she mentioned a post she’d read at another blog. I said to her “I’ve read that post too! It was hilarious! Heck, I wrote the first comment. Didn’t you see my comment?” My comment was pretty funny with some back and forth replies between me and the blog owner.

She did see the comments, but she didn’t know it was me.  Not only was I not using my full name, which I still don’t, but I hadn’t added a picture of me to my google profile. Instead I was using an unremarkable generic clipart of a mom and baby. It was in my header, so I figured I’d use it as my profile pic. Stupid move. But I’ve learned. My profile now sports a picture of me and it’s the best business card I could possible have.

How Freaking Cool is this?

Don’t tell me it’s not cool, cause i bloody well know it’s cool and if thinking it’s cool makes me an attention grabbing social media nerd, well then so be it. Continue reading

Loving Your Bully

Photoxpress 696135v2111 200x200 Loving Your Bully

Photoxpress 696135v2 Loving Your BullyBullying in the Raw

Recently Christal at So Many Ways has posted a handful of heartbreaking posts about bullying. Bullying is a subject she’s living with right now through her teen and it’s an issue that she had to deal with as a child too. Her posts are heartbreaking and honest and have made me cry multiple times.

I know that pain of being bullied. I went through it myself. After Christal’s recent mention of an article she’d come across where someone who’d been bullied was interviewed, and after my rant on her blog in the comments section, I decided I wanted to help and write a post to share my experience. I wanted to add links to other posts too, to share the experience of others. I did find a lot of posts. There were so many that were as authentic and raw as Christal’s. But I learned something else when looking for these posts.

Bullying is a hot topic. Everyone wants to write a piece on it when it’s trending. I’ve come across a few fluff articles (which included input from the “experts” in child psychology) and a handful of posts that mention something along the lines of the bully needing to be loved by the victim, to show the bully what “love” and “friendship” is. I’m not going to list those links.


Cause this crap about loving your bully is such BS that there’s no way in hell I’m going to link my site to those stupid posts.

You hear me stupid people trying to write stupid fluff with a spin on it because it’s a trending topic and you want to be the disagreeable one so people will visit and comment even if they’re insulting your dumb ass?

You can kiss my bloody arse cause i’m not suggesting anyone read your dribble.

Instead, I’m going to educate you on what being bullied feels like. See the picture? See how those little crabs are surrounded by those big lobsters? There’s an example right there.

Need another example? Being bullied makes you feel unworthy. Especially when you’re being insulted and told how worthless you are.

Fotolia 22362849 Subscription XXL Loving Your BullyOh! Wait! How about we make a list?

  • Being bullied makes you feel unworthy.
  • Being bullied damages your self esteem.
  • Being bullied makes you afraid to be around people, cause “hey, there’s got to be something broken about me for me to be bullied, so everyone’s going to want to fix it”.  Especially using their cruel words, the palm of their hand or/many-times-And the tip of their boot.
  • Being bullied causes you to be ashamed of things about yourself that you were once proud of, your intelligence, your smile, your silly laugh . . .
  • Being bullied removes your uniqueness and instead makes you “different”.
  • Being bullied, tortures you every minute of everyday, even in your sleep when you should be safe, tucked away in your home.
  • Being bullied makes you feel like you’re “too smart for you’re own good” and causes you to dim your brightness so you’ll be overlooked.
  • Being bullied makes you wish you were invisible.
  • Being bully HURTS.

Get it? I hope so. If not, if it sounds stupid coming from an adult, check out these teens at Lizz Speaks.

Now, let’s move on to the topic that twisted what I originally planned to write. Continue reading

Exposing Your Blog

Fotolia 6013936 Subscription XL211 200x200 Exposing Your Blog

Fotolia 6013936 Subscription XL2 Exposing Your Blog

Blog Exposure

We all want it.

OK, most of us want it.

OK, well I sure as hell want it. Don’t you? I’d like to know. Be sure to mention in the comments. Cause really, I’d like to one day sound smart and say to somebody that X% of my fellow bloggers don’t give a flying fish about exposure.

Do I want exposure for ego stroking purposes?


OK, maybe a teeny tiny bit.

But the fact is, I love my blog. I love the opportunity it gives me to share, relate, inspire and help. But without exposure, who am I sharing with, relating to, inspiring or helping?

Have you read my recent post, Basic Blog Post SEO Tips? If not, be sure to head on over when you’re done reading here. We went over how to gain exposure to your posts by making your posts SEO for search engines. Guess what? Having a SEO blog or post isn’t your only option for blog exposure.

This morning ( it’s 2:33am) because, well, you know, I’m bloody awesome, I’d like to share with you one of the resources I utilize to gain exposure for my  blog and how to do it right. How to do it right? Yes, cause there is a wrong way, a really sucky way. Continue reading

The Movies: 4 Steps to Having Social Media Icons That Match Your Theme

Adding Theme Consistent Social Media Icons – The Videos

As promised in my last post, 4 Steps to Having Social Media Icons That Match Your Theme, here are 3 videos that will walk you through the steps. Individually they’re all pretty short, but when you put them together they fail to upload to Youtube.


Step 1 & Step 2


Continue reading

4 Steps to Having Social Media Icons That Match Your Theme

Installing Theme Consistent Social Media IconsPicture 3 197x300 4 Steps to Having Social Media Icons That Match Your Theme

As promised in my last post Don’t Just Share Your Posts, Share Your Blog, here are the instructions to installing your social media icons that fit your theme.

Step 1 Find the icons you’d like to use or make them.

These icons can basically be any picture you want, however, I suggest if you use your own pictures, be sure it’s easy to tell that they are icons and not just pretty pictures. Google search Free Social Media Icons and you’ll find lots of results for pages listing awesome icons where you can visit that site and download them for free. Once you’ve downloaded the package of icons, I suggest going through it and grabbing the ones you want and dropping them into another folder. I’m using icons found on for the example below.

Step 2 Adjust the Size of the Icons

Use your favorite editing application to scale the icons. If you don’t own an application that does so, does a great job. The size of your icons are based on how many icons you’ll be using, how many rows you want to have and the width of your sidebar. If your sidebar is 200 pixels wide and you’re adding 4 icons per row, divide the 200 by 4 and you get 50 pixels per icon. Majority of these icons come with transparent space around them. Keep that space! Creates a nice even gap between the icons.

Crop those icons to 50×50, leaving a bit of area around them and save to a new folder. I named mine “cropped”. Continue reading

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