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Winds of Change

Photoxpress 6314686111 200x200 Winds of Change

Photoxpress 6314686 300x224 Winds of Change

I feel that when I came to these realizations, it brought me mental wellness, it made me see life, my life, in a whole new light.

Recent interactions that lead me to writing this post

My girlfriend Wendy recently said to me, “V, I’ve got to wonder, how much more does God expect you to take? Is God waiting to see how much it will take to break you or trying to make you stronger?”

A post by my friend Christal: Meaningless! Meaningless!

The below tweet by Tara of Tara Sophia Mohr | Wise Living, Retweeted by Big Girl Branding

RT @tarasophia It’s true: when one door closes, another opens. But sometimes you’ve got to close the door so that life can open a new one.

Now that you know where my mind is at. . .

My first marriage ended on a very bad note. Like many other first marriages, if they end. Mine left me with questions about why my life had to be so difficult, doubts about myself as a woman, insecurities about my physical appearance and responsibilities that seemed too much for one woman to bare.

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Parental Control over Skins, Vampire Diaries, Hellcats, etc

photo 27403 20110119 300x199 Parental Control over Skins, Vampire Diaries, Hellcats, etcHow do you control what your kids watch at night?

Make TV watching a public affair.

I’m a mom of two teens and two toddlers. My teens hardly watch tv at night. If they’re lucky enough to have homework done by 8, they’re too busy chatting with friends or trying to finish a good book before bed. If it’s one of those rare nights when they’re “free” and feeling like tv, their only option is venturing out of their room to join the family in the family room.

I confess, I like watching Vampire Diaries, Three and a Half Men, That 70s Show and I’ve always been a Supernaturals fan. Do I watch it in the family room? No. I don’t think it’s appropriate for my family. I don’t even watch it in my bedroom (the only other tv in the home), because I’ve got toddlers who wouldn’t put up with a locked door. Vampire Diaries, Supernaturals and Smallville are all my personal favorites that feeds my love of scifi/fantasy and I keep those shows for my iPhone. Three and a Half Men and That 70s Show and similar sitcoms I’ll watch late at night with hubby, in our bedroom, when the kids are off to bed. My personal time. I don’t allow my kids to watch something just so I can watch it.
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How To Keep Your Johnson

Photoxpress 6224917 How To Keep Your JohnsonA common line I’ve heard over the years from other married women is ” If he cheats on me he’ll lose his johnson”. As a matter of fact, recently hubby and I were discussing my ex-husband and his infidelities and I said to hubby that if he ever cheated on me, he’d come up short one johnson. The hell my ex put me through – not just the cheating, but also the verbal abuse and stress – could have drove any woman to madness and violence. In retrospect, the only thing that kept his johnson intact was the fact that we had kids that needed me, with them, not in jail or a psycho ward.

But, time heals all wounds, right? Well, time has definitely healed the wounds caused by my cheating ex husband. So much so, that I can actually look back and reflect on what a dumb ass he was. Really. If there are any husbands reading this, lousy cheating husbands, below are a list of things that my dumb ass ex husband shouldn’t have done. No, I’m not approving marital affairs. I’m not approving any kind of cheating at all. I’m just saying, if you have a significant other, and you’re stupid enough to cheat on her, instead of being a real man and working on the relationship or you just can’t find your balls so you can leave the relationship, here are a few things you should not do if you’d like to keep your johnson while looking for your balls.

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My Mac is Dead? No Freaking Way!

Photoxpress 8759918 300x246 My Mac is Dead? No Freaking Way!Warning: If you’re not a Mac user, you may find this extremely boring past the first paragraph. But, I’m going to write the boring post anyway, in hopes to help any other mom blogger (or any one for that matter) who’s low on funds and in fear of losing all the great stuff on their Mac, like family photos, music, your resume . . .

Several weeks ago my Mac died. This is one of the reasons my blogging went to shit – along with the fact that Network Solutions was offering me non-solutions, but that’s another post. Actually several posts. If interested in those posts, check them out here: Post One, Post Two and Post Three. Now, your Mac dieing is not easily acceptable to anyone, but for me personally it was a horrific nightmare. The kids’ pictures for the past few years was sitting on that thing. My latest wordpress theme design was sitting on that thing. All my newest iTunes purchases was sitting on that thing. My two external drives had been full for months with backed up photos, music, Merlin episodes and home movies. I was meaning to get a new external drive. One where I would have the space for a Time Machine backup. Hopefully 2tb, to back up everything and put the full external drives away for safe keeping. I was meaning to. I just hadn’t gotten around to spending the $100 to do so.

My Mac wasn’t dead-dead, as in no power. It would start-up but never stop rebooting or getting pass the horrific gray screen. I tried everything I could find on several websites, including terminal coding, nothing prevailed. I even spent $100 on Disk Warrior which in no way helped. Continue reading

WordPress Image Sliders And Galleries That Kick Ass

fotolia 22429724 Subscription Lslider11 200x200 WordPress Image Sliders And Galleries That Kick Ass

I love having super techy ways to display my work and photos I use here on the blog in general. So I wanted to share with you the best, because it’s a shorter list than sharing the worse. There were… Continue reading

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