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Shame on you little girl for betraying your mama!

Photoxpress 36372541 Shame on you little girl for betraying your mama!Shame on you little girl for betraying your mama!

For betraying the woman who stretched her vagina wide to bring your 9lb butt into this world.

  • The woman whose waist line went up to 40″ because you wanted to stay an extra two weeks in your watery haven.
  • The woman who sat up holding you while you slept, all night, because you were gassy.
  • The woman you peed on and pooped on.
  • The woman who wiped your runny nose and cleaned your vomit.
  • The woman who slept with you in your twin size bunk bed, falling off most of the night, because you were afraid to sleep alone.
  • The woman who busted her ass at a thankless job to dress you, feed you and shelter you.

Shame on you little girl for betraying your mama by not listening to her words of wisdom that are provided so you can experience a happy childhood.

Am I being over dramatic? Irrational? Probably. But who gives a flying fish? I’m allowed to. I’m the mama.
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What I’m doing for the Dove Self-Esteem Weekend

Photoxpress 1610335 What I’m doing for the Dove Self Esteem Weekend
Photographer: Christopher Hall via PhotoExpress

The Dove Self-Esteem Weekend is almost upon us. This Friday, October 22 to Sunday, October 24th. I have four hours of girl time scheduled with the teens on Sunday. Scheduled, because we’ll be baby free.… Continue reading

Neem Leaves, Weight loss, Psoriasis, My Anemia + Almost Diabetes

NOTE: Neem must NOT be consumed by Pregnant/Trying to Conceive Women or by Children!!

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Psoriasis, Anemia, Some Extra Pounds and a Pinch of High Glucose for Good Measure

Photoxpress 19192400 Neem Leaves, Weight loss, Psoriasis, My Anemia + Almost DiabetesMmmm. Mountain Dew. My favorite soda since I was 13. Do you know there’s 46g of sugar in a 12oz bottle? And that bottle is 170 calories? This is a big no-no when calorie counting. Too much of it also does bad things to your glucose levels. Trust me, I know. But it’s just so yummy, and bubbly and it goes straight to my head and probably my thighs.

Every time I try to improve my eating habits, I’ve tried to cut the soda out, but I just couldn’t. Cake, ice cream, burgers, fries, no problem. But my Mountain Dew, I had to have a hit at least twice a day. Then night time comes around, the girls pull out the Oreos and how can I not join them? It’s a before bedtime tradition. Another thing that went to my thighs, probably the cause of my love handles too.

Love handles, who came up with that bloody name anyway? I certainly don’t love having handles of fat hanging out below my bra. Sheesh.

On November 20, 2008, I was diagnosed with psoriasis and anemia. My doc was also complaining of my glucose levels being borderline and “haven’t you learned anything from the gestational diabetes mam?’

Called me Mam. Witch. Who refers to a 32 year old as mam?

Within a few days I had my first dermatologist appointment, where he said, “no one knows what causes psoriasis, could be stress and weight gain in your case” and then sent me home with samples because my crappy oxford insurance wouldn’t cover the $220 shampoo and my co-pay on the DermaSmooth oil was $94 and I just didn’t have it to spend at the time. I quickly learned that a lot of the prescribed pharmaceuticals were pretty expensive and may be out of my budget. Not to mention, when I started reading the pamplets about the oral medications’ side effects, I was scared out of my mind.

So I did what any computer savvy chic would do (chic, not computer savvy mam), I started researching all possible causes for psoriasis. Continue reading

Extra Luv for 10 Awesome Bloggers

happy 101 blog award Extra Luv for 10 Awesome Bloggers

As I’ve said time and time again, the awesome thing about being a blogger is the connections made. The chance to meet people you can really relate to and learn from and share a laugh with. In the past few… Continue reading

School Bullies

Not for the first time, and definitely not for the last time, I just had a conversation with my 12 and 14 year old girls about bullying. It’s a conversation that must happen, repeatedly. My girls need to know that… Continue reading

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