It’s Final. She’s Leaving.

she leaving 200x200 Its Final. Shes Leaving.

She’s made her decision. She’s leaving and she’s taking a huge chunk of my heart 224 miles away.

Two hundred twenty-four miles.

Unlike my mom who passed almost a month ago, my daughter will be back.

Two heartbreaks in the… Continue reading

How to start your Friday

5510809888 094111804e 200x200 How to start your Friday

It’s Friday.


waaaay after bedtime.

there’s lots to finish before my weekend starts, but damnit, i’m gonna enjoy that it’s Friday.

You better do so too!

Start Here:

The downside to working from home

work at home 200x200 The downside to working from home

work at home The downside to working from homeMany moms can tell you, ad nauseam, the great things about working from home.

I was lured to this lifestyle by another mom entrepreneur’s list of fabulous advantages.

Working in my Jammies.

Setting my own hours.

No longer commuting for… Continue reading

What You Really Get Out Of Blogging

what you really get out of blogging 200x200 What You Really Get Out Of Blogging

With my 3 year anniversary as a mom blogger on the horizon, I thought it only fitting that I return here, where it all started, (and where I actually have a following) to share with y’all two these words of… Continue reading

Farewell Blog

2637105280 7185e0139e 200x200 Farewell Blog

5966801105 caa7b5e4aa 300x199 Farewell Blog

It will be 3 years soon.

Three years that I’ve spent babying this blog as if it were a houseplant.

A very high maintenance houseplant.

Mind you, I don’t have any plants, because anything I have to care for beyond… Continue reading

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